IFATC-After Hours-Episode 2

Managing one runway on Infinite Flight can be a handful, but imagine three! In this episode of IFATC After Hours, we’ll see just how busy it can get when you’re managing three parallel runways with multiple remaining in the pattern.

Seattle Tacoma International can be one of the most fun, yet unforgiving, airports on Infinite Flight. Enjoy the view, try to keep up, and thanks for watching!

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Great tutorial Tyler, thank you for taking time out of your day to make them! All your tutorials are very informative and helpful, keep up the good work.


These tutorials are extremely helpful for those trying to become IFATC controllers. Thanks for making them :)

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Awesome everyone should pay close attention to N435BT pattern entry that’s how a prop should enter the pattern. :)


Hate to differ, but I find one runway harder :)