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Hey everybody, so recently, I’ve been practicing to try to get into IFATC on my tracking thread, how long should I practice? When should I apply? And please give me advice too, thank you!

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Are you in contact with a trainer? Trainers can help you get ready for the test it’s a huge help, personally I’d say about 2 weeks of training should be enough although some people can learn even quicker.


I have not been in contact yet, I will shoot them a PM soon. Maybe tomorrow or in the next few days @ADDY28


Well good luck! I’ll try to make it to one of your training sessions ;)


Thank you @ADDY28!


I suggest applying as soon as you meet the requirements. The quicker you take your written, the quicker you can get a trainer, which is quite possibly the best tool that you can use to get yourself into IFATC.

Another way is simply to practice! Study the manual, watch the videos, keep opening your thread and don’t give up. If you put in the work, you’ll reap the rewards. Don’t be discouraged by negative feedback, learn from it. If you give your all every time you open, I see no reason why you shouldn’t make it to IFATC.


I don’t want to set a bad example or anything, but I made it into IFATC recently and never had a trainer or tracking thread (well I had one but it died and no one joined). They are certainly very useful tools but not absolutely necessary :)


And thanks for reminding me of that! Of course, it is quite possible for people to pass both exams without a trainer. In general, however, those of us who aren’t as lucky will require feedback and/or trained professionals to help us along the way. I do commend you for your achievement, though; it’s certainly not easy to fly solo through the process. :)


I can confirm this, I’m one of the solo chaps, as @TaipeiGuru said. It’s definitely possible. I did not have a trainer nor a tracking thread. But don’t think it’s the easy way, it will still require dedication and a lot of hard work.

I am an IFATC trainer myself now, and I would definitely recommend using the resources that are at your disposal. I failed my first practical due to one thing I simply did not know, if I had a trainer, I would have definitely knew it and passed first time, but because of this it cost me a week less of IFATC

Hope this helps!


I never used a trainer either but had a tracking thread open for about 3 weeks to train.

I also learned a ton by reading through all of the other tracking threads. Just about any question I had I was able to find an answer in other threads if it wasn’t discussed in my own.

As Juan just said though, take advantage of the resources if you can. They are great controllers who enjoy teaching others.

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