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I was thinking of applying for IFATC soon maybe a couple more weeks as I have been practicing for quite a while now does anybody have some advice?

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Make an atc tracking thread. People from the community will come down to test you and give you feedback. You can also watch tutorials on YT.

I have one only one person has come so far.

People will come down when they are available or feel for it.

Open an ATC tracking thread and watch all the tutorials related with IFATC

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Read this Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

And if you meet all the requirements contact only one recruiter


Definitely watch the tutorials, and put them into practice. Have a good knowledge of where everything on the command list is as well. Good luck!

Don’t control KLAX, EGLL, etc. Find a place that will give you decent traffic, but still be somewhat close to Expert conditions. Obviously, it won’t be exactly the same, but it’s certainly a lot more useful than learning habits at KLAX.

In the old regional days, I always opened KONT. You have a lot more choices now, but it’s amazing how huge a difference a few mile east made. Much more representative.


BTW in case you weren’t aware, there are multiple stages to IFATC.
First stage:

  • Control at small, class D airports.

Second stage:

  • Control at major airports

The third stage (this may not be a stage but actually part of the second stage):

  • Controls during FNFs and other major IF events
  • These controllers are in a schedule to control at a specific time and location.

Last stage:

  • Can control at centres (like new York centre), this is bigger than approach and norcal approach.
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That really isn’t how IFATC works. It goes like this:

After approval you’re an apprentice (entry rank) and can only open Ground, Tower, and ATIS at class C and D airports.

Once the staff see you’re good at what you’re doing, you rank up to Specialist which can control any airport’s Tower, Ground, and ATIS whenever they want.

Then, after going through rasa training and testing, you become an officer which can open any facility whenever, and wherever they want.

We don’t have center anymore ;)

We’re also unpaid volunteers, so we control whenever we want. Charlie’s and Deltas are 30 mins, and Bravos are 1 hour.


This is getting quite off topic now…

Back to what this post was for, definitely watch the Perfect ATC Test video and read through topics under #tutorials . I suggest you also have your own ATC thread. That way, you can get feedback from pilots like myself. Hope to see you with us soon!


Also, feel free to send me a ~10 minute screen recording of you controlling, and I can give you feedback.

There are YouTube video of IFATC controlling from the Infinite flight YouTube channel and also watching there IFATC tutorials will help. You can also check out the ATCEG channel as they have some great IFATC sessions on there to. Jus look around on YouTube and I’m sure you will find something.

You can in fact control whenever you want as long as it’s within the area on the schedule.

I’d recommend an ATC tracking thread and to watch this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wyjs5eWlQZ8

Best of luck to you in your new goal. Have fun!

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