IFATC 101 | New Youtube Video Series | Episode 2 Out Now!

IFATC Controlling - Youtube Video Series

Hello everyone, as some of you may know, I’m an IFATC Supervisor, Recruiter, Trainer and Tester and have been controlling the Expert Server skies for a while now.

I have a keen passion for video creation and editing and I’m always searching for and exploring new ways to others out… so I’ve decided to create a Youtube Video Series of me controlling on the Expert Server with permission from Tyler.

My goal form this, is to provide another educational tool and resource for people looking to become IFATC Controllers, current IFATC Controllers that are looking for some tips and tricks or anyone that just has a question that they have been wondering and are looking for an answer.

What will these videos include?

This series will be episodes of me controlling the Expert Server skies, whilst explaining my thought process, my reason for doing certain things and some helpful tips and tricks for new controllers out there looking to become apart of the IFATC Team.

Also during these videos, I’ll be answering questions from you guys about anything that you are wondering in regards to being an IFATC Controlling. Including the recruitment process, tips and tricks and much, much more.

If you have a moment, I would appreciate if you could fill in this survey below. It’s only 4 questions and would help me out greatly.

YouTube Channel Link: IFATC - Declan O


This sounds like a great idea! Thanks to you and Tyler for coming up with this, especially since the current IFATC videos are a little outdated.


When will these come out?

These are currently planned to be released on a weekly basis. Thanks for your kind words as well mate.


Thank you for your time and dedication toward this project! I can’t wait to see what it’ll turn into.

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i am very excited for this!

Thanks @infiniteflight_17. New horizons are appearing…

Also just a quick note everyone, there is now a quick 4 question survey to help me know what you would like to see .

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Can’t wait!
Maybe I’ll come out and fly. 👀


That would be awesome mate. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


As someone who is trying to get into IFATC, I can’t wait to see what they’re about! Great idea, mate! ;)

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Wow then we will know how IFATC works

Thanks mate, appreciate it.

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Hey Declan, that’s an awesome series and I can’t wait for it! It will be really beneficial for new comers, and it will give some amazing tips and tricks to IFATC controllers.
I really can’t wait for it. 😃

Something great in the making, not only for controllers but for pilots as well. Everyone should watch when the videos release as they will definitely be able to take info away from this! I can’t wait to see where this goes, great job!

This will definitely help a lot of people. Great work, Declan! 💪

Very interesting! This won’t only help Controllers but it will help pilots understand what and why controllers give certain commands! Looking forward to it, good luck.


Let me know if you guys have any other ideas using the form above. Can’t wait, and I’m already working on the first one.

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Thanks BravoCharlie, appreciate it. That’s exactly my goal.

Thanks Darius, that’s the aim. A new educational resource that aspiring IFATC can access.

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I wrote a long response 😂 hope you read it all.

Certainly did, getting a bunch of great ideas from this. It’s all about making content that you guys all want, and things that will be educational, informative and most importantly help you through the process.

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