IFAssistent repeating sounds


Today I wanted to do a flight from KIAH to KATL.
So I opened IFAssistent and IFOperations and spawned into KIAH.
Then my co-pilot started screaming at me with “Hello Captain, ready when you are”.
-And that until I ended the flight again.
Well, there’s another thing: the problem only occurred at Houston Airport. This did not happen at any of the other airports.

Important: I’m currently in the beta, but the problem seemed to fit here better.

I tested it on the following devices:
• Samsung Galaxy A50
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Both with the same problem

Here a video:

Have a good day!

Hmm, weird.

I just completed an ultra-long haul from VIDP-KORD using both apps and I did not have this occur. I was using the iPad Pro 12.9” 2017 though, so maybe this is an android issue?

Try restarting both devices and re-testing, might just be a glitch.

Already done, it’s weird because that only happens at KIAH

I got the very same pb today afer takeoff… i cut the sound and the autopilot, the screaming stopped (beta 20.2).

So now the problem is that as soon as I approach an airport, the sound repeat.

EDIT: I’ve already tried to deactivate the A/P, cut the sound, and restarted the devices several times.

Your not the only one, I’ve had it to… only happens when I get on the star for an airport. Most likely just a issue with the app that needs to be fixed.

I’ve also had this issue, but only since installing the Beta version of IF so it could be something to do with that.

I just close IF-A and carry on with my flight

Samsung S9+

Android 10.

It has happened to me three times and only while using the beta version of 20.2

Happened again today (20.2 latest build). Pretty annoying. Stopped after a few minutes!

Yeah IFA doesn’t seem to work properly in the beta version of IF.

Apart from this, it works fine though…

Let’s see if the problem is solved when the update is officially released

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