IFAssistant V-Speeds

Hi everyone, my IFASSISTANT says it is connected but v-speeds don’t work and other call outs. Brand new iPad and it worked on my old device. Any help?

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I forget to send a screenshot… here you go! :)

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Why would you need V speeds on approach anyway…?

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Nah it was for when I was taking off. Just took the screenshot while I was in the air

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Make sure you have Enable Infinite Flight Connect in settings checked. It’s under General.


Yep, I’ve got that on

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Sorry There Was Another Topic And I Confused It With This One!

So IF-A doesn’t work at all?

Checking “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” is all that’s needed for the app to work.

If that option has been checked, then something else must be wrong.

Could you try rebooting your device?
If that doesn’t help, try deleting IF-A and reinstalling it.

Could you let me know how that works out?

Happens to me sometimes. What I do is a swipe up IF Assistant tab (closing it) and reopen it as soon as it closes. I usually get the “all set” message and I’m good to go.

Edit: also, third party API is listed as experimental in the settings so problems are quite common.

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