IFAssistant not talking

I’m just wondering if IFAssistant does callouts while at cruise such as flaps 1, spoilers extended etc… I’m testing it out since it is my first flight with it.

This is a common issue and usually it happens when you back out of infinite flight while it’s running and use another app. IF Assistant will work as long as you don’t run another app in the background other than the ones you have setup for Infinite Flight.

I only hav IFAssistant and IFPax open.

Do you have that on?

Yes, I have IF Connect on.

Try restarting IF and/or IF Assistant

Currently in flight.

Hm. This could be it, as If Assistant sometimes needs a restart. Try that after you landed, but as far as I am aware, it should call out flaps in cruise too

Edit: Just quickly did it and it works now! Thanks!

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No problem!

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One more question… I’m putting it here to avoid clogging the IFC more. , Is there a way to turn down the Shaky cam? It really looks like a camera seizure.

There’s a option in IF-assistant that allows you to turn it off.