IFAssistant IOS Twice pay ( Help )

Does anyone had to pay twice on the app for iOS? Like pay $4.99 to download the app and then pay $4.99 again to have access to all the features like GPWS Warning and Passanger Announcements?, cuz I only have access to Copilot and ask me to pay 4.99 again to have access to everything on iOS but I bought the app on Google play on my android device and I paid $4.99 once and got access to everything.

Idk if I should contact IFAssistant costumer services or or normal to pay twice on iOS?

In-app purchases don’t carry across from Android to iOS - you will have to repurchase all of the addons again.

I know that what I’m saying is why when I got the app on android only pay one time $4.99 to purchase the app and I got everything included already but on iPhone I have to pay basically $10 cuz it is $4.99 to get the app and now $4.99 again to get the features on it, I used the android situation as an example that I only paid once not twice

I already have the app on my phone meaning I paid $4.99 but when I want to use the features on the app it charges me $4.99 again, just want to know if that’s normal? Cuz I mean I already pay 4.99 to get the app why I will pay again huh!

On my android phone I paid $4.99 only one time and got everything ( this is just example I’m not saying that the purchase is cross-device )

By the way it’s an extra $4.99 for each of the things.

So Passengers Announcements, Warnings & RAAS are all separate purchases IIRC.

Edit: yep!

I have just looked on the Google Play Store and it does seem to be a 1 all-set purchase on there.

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Wow! Hahahaha that’s what I was looking for. well better spent those cuz the app it’s actually good, and I was confused since I got the android version first, thanks for clarifying that!.

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