IFAssistant API Crashes.

IFAssistant is always crashing midway when I use it, I don’t know if it is Infinite Flight or the app itself but it is really annoying when I have to keep restarting the app, please fix this because the app is really good and makes Infinite Flight more Realistic.


I’m also experiencing is. It started after the lastest update. I will try to contact the developer

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Contact @epaga. Will help him if you could somehow try to manipulate and force it to happen. Hopefully the bug get resolved and it works for you from then on


This could be related to the training server issues going on. I would hang tight and see if it resolves itself once the training server issue is resolved.


I too am also having the same issue. This morning when I updated my phone, ATC kept crashing and wouldn’t load.

No it isn’t, this has been happening for weeks but I just decided to report it.

Since the update I also have problems with the app. Sometimes the app crashes even before take off.

I also have this problem!

If you are on Android, this is because Android has started to shut down background app services like IF‘s API or IF-A. You need to go into your settings and make both(!) IF and IF-A into „unmonitored“ apps. That solves the issue.

See my Android connection guide here https://www.dropbox.com/s/izrq6n3qsf51nz6/androidguide.pdf?dl=1 See also http://dontkillmyapp.com - lots of other Android app devs are running into similar problems with Android.

Thanks to @Jan and @Jeno_Farkas for finding this info out with lots of great testing.

If you are experiencing crashes on iOS, please post in the IF-A iOS thread or email me, that is unexpected.


According to the tests we have done with @Jan, this seems to definitely effect Samsung devices. We tested IF and IF-A connection and API issues on Android 9 with an S8(+) and a Note 9 (one with the February, one with the March Security update) and by adding them both to the “unmonitored apps”, as well as under Device Care > Memory > top right corner menu> apps that aren’t checked, the connection between the 2 apps remained throughout the whole flight. Without adding them both, connection will get lost.
According to my other tests, Huawei devices running Android 9 with EMUI 9.0.0 are not yet effected but we have seen reports already with EMUI 9.1 which suggests the same will happen to these devices as well soon or later. Unfortunately I haven’t received this on my Mate 20 Pro yet so at this point I am unable to confirm.

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I am on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and with Android 9 Pie, I am unable to find this button, please guide me through it because the links epaga sent are outdated for Android 8.

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Instructions to prevent IF-A from disconnecting in Android Pie on Samsung devices:


Settings -> Apps -> scroll down to IF-A -> Battery -> Optimize battery usage -> select “All” instead of “Apps not optimized” -> scroll down to IF-A and flip the switch off.
The app has now been added to the list of Apps not optimized.


Settings -> Device Care -> Memory -> Menu (top right) -> Apps that aren’t checked -> add IF-A.

Repeat for Infinite Flight itself

(Courtesy of @Jan)


Thank you. I’ve also been experiencing the same problem on my S9+ Seems all is well now.

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