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First of all, I am using translation, so there may be strange expressions. I am a Japanese Infinite Flight player. “IF Assistant” is a great app. However, there is something I’m curious about. It is about the correspondence of 777F. I have been waiting for IFA’s 777F support for a long time. Is this under development?

こんばんは! This is a question for @epaga!


Planning on fixing this in a future version - do you have any thoughts on which v-speeds are good for this aircraft @Mochi-Efoloon-JPN ?

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Unofficial Takeoff and Landing Profiles [777 Family] there you go. lots of good guidance for 777 pilots. @epaga

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Thank you for your reply.
The 777F has much in common with the 777-200LR. I wondered if the 777-200LR data could be used for the 777F as well.

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