IFAssIsistant not working properly

Hi IF community I have ifasissitant and it works good but after a while it stops. I have to click out of if, click on if assistant, click out of ifassistant then click back on if. It’s annoying. If anyone has any tips plz let me know. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ that I use if on. I have global and paid for everything on Ifassistant. Thanks

pic of ifassistant home page.

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You sure that’s official? That doesn’t seem very well written.


Ye its official

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I have had that, this solution is working now.;


Thanks very much. I have did all thows steps and I will try a flight later and see how I go. Thanks again.

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They worked. Now I can use IF assistant properly. Thanks everyone. This topic can be closed now

I noticed that with the update to iOS 13.1 the “prepare for landing” and “minimums” call outs no longer work!

iPad Pro 10.5”

@epaga do you know why?

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