IFAO - Infinite Flight Airline Organization


Hello everyone!

Our team is proud to announce a project we have been working on recently. Today, we’ll be introducing a virtual airline completely dedicated to flying the Flying Development Studio liveries to the Infinite Flight Community! To further our commitment and emphasis on community, our airline accepts pilots of all skill levels. You are welcome to register at our website!

IFAO Team:
Sean Wangnick - Webmaster, Supervisor
Henrik Berg - Social Networking Manager, Event Coordinator
Breydon - IT Consultant


For inquiries, contact our support email: ifairlineorganization@gmail.com

The Infinite Flight Airline Organization Team

Virtual airline for infinite flight
Looking for a Flight Group/Virtual Airline

Add some videos on that YT channel ;)


Hey Laurens! We’re currently working on some, stay tuned! :)


A message from your event coordinator. An event is coming out in a few days. Stay tuned under this post


Registered :)


Our goal with this is to strive for professionalism and fun. We want pilots to become good at flying, and we allow pilots to fly anywhere as long as they’re using a plane equipped with an FDS livery.


Is this similar to a charter operation?

I’m intrigued with this VA. Seriously considering joining…


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IFAO is basically a VA, but we don’t call it that, because there is no real life version of FDS. Just saying, you don’t have to have IF Live to join IFAO, so feel free to join. :)


@Rotate @Henrik_B That’s mainly why I’m interested-Don’t need live, like a charter operation. I like this. Registering.

Thanks for making this guys! Appreciate this new airline.


Thanks for joining @Boeing707.

Oh BTW Pilot manual coming soon


Real tempted to select A318 because even though I don’t own that, I am intent on doing everything in my power to eventually get it though once it comes out. Should I select it or not.


Just keep it empty for now, we can add it later if you wish.


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Sounds good. Submitted.


I think I added it -.-. My bad


Submitted a PIREP.
First flight for IFAO?


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Hahah, I imagine any revenue that I generated would have been lost by the compensation claims for the hard landing! 😂


Users should be able to go back and edit their registration form once they’ve submitted it. You could potentially change your subscription status, email address, or select which planes you own.