IFAF Recruitment Event @ EGVN - 031800ZFEB18

Server: Training Server

Region: European Airspace

Airport: EGVN - RAF Brize Norton

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: Our third Recruitment Event is once again in Europe! Join us as we fly throughout Europe, seeing the beautiful sights of England, France and Spain at only 14000ft before tackling the tricky approach into Gibraltar Airport (LXGB) while carrying essential cargo for IFAF’s ongoing missions!

Our rules are similar to the previous events, just follow the leader! Follow the IFAF Callsign of IFAFE-1, and copy their flight plan, enjoy the sights then end the flight with the testing approach into Gibraltar. Please ensure 1nm horizontal separation inflight. The flight plan will be added below closer to the time along with critical flight details! Please use the RAF Anniversary Livery for the event!

Want to join us for this event? Just request a gate with the following format:

IFAF Member: Yes/No
Requested Gate:

Want more information on IFAF? Visit our website: www.ifairforce.weebly.com or go to our thread: Infinite Flight Air Force|The Future, Now. | Recruitment Open! | New Routes, Partnerships & Services!


Stand 1 @callum5124
Stand 2 @AMDavis
Stand 3 @ratul_sen
Stand 4 @Brian8054
Stand 5 @Joeoreilly77
Stand 6
Stand 19
Stand 20
Stand 34
Stand 36
Stand 49
Stand 50


IFAFE- 1 @callum5124
IFAFE- 2 @AMDavis
IFAFE- 3 @ratul_sen
IFAFE- 4 @Brian8054
IFAFE- 5 @Joeoreilly77
More can be added if required!!

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@AMDavis Thanks for signing up! Your gate and callsign is listed above!

Hi all,

There is not long until the event so we are hoping to see as many people as possible flying with us! We also need controllers at brize norton and Gibralter still!

Count me in… For the event


Great! Thanks for Joining us!

See your gate and callsign above and i will see you in the air!

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I’m a member, IFAF204 stand 4

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@Joeoreilly77 all the details of your gate and callsign are above!

Ok! Your assigned gate and callsign will be above!

Thanks for joining us!

IFAF-306 would I be able get stand 3

Unfortunately that gate has already been taken!

Can you give me one that’s free

Yes you have already been issued Stand 5! See the thread content at the top and you will see your name tagged next to your assigned gate! @Joeoreilly77

Only 45mins until we start

Last chance to sign up!

@ratul_sen @Joeoreilly77 Please spawn now! EGVN Training server in a C-130J with RAF 50th Anniversary Livery and load up with 20000Kg of cargo and 8000kg of fuel! Remember to set your callsign and spawn at the appropriate gate!

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