IFAF Airshow Application

Evening all,

IFAF are looking for groups, VA’s or individuals who would be interested in taking part IFAF’s first ever Airshow based off the real world RIAT to come forward and apply now! The event will be called VIAT (Virtual International Air Tatoo) and will have its own state of the art website which is currently under construction!

Closer to the time all the times, dates will be announced and spectators will be able to book a gate but for now we are looking for anybody who would be interested in flying a flypast or display in any aircraft IF has to offer at the event!

The airshow will most likely be set over a weekend and already has many IFAF displays lined up! Although we would like to offer the IFC community the chance to participate in our airshow! However that is if you can cope with performing in front of the expected massive crowds of spectators! We are looking for the best pilots IF has to offer so if you are interested in performing in the first of a yearly occurence of realistic airshows run by IF’s international airforce let us know down below in the following format! Also don’t worry if you dont think you can’t come as we will work our hardest to ensure a time is met which means you can participate!

Application Format:

VA (If applicable):
Time Zone:

Once you comment below one of our events team will contact you via DM to gather more details and try to find a suitable weekend for all performers!

Happy Flying,

The Infinite Flight Air Force Events Team

Our thread: Infinite Flight Air Force|The Future, Now. | Recruitment Open! | New Routes, Partnerships & Services!

Our Website: https://ifairforce.weebly.com/home.html


Surely this would be better posted under your thread, wouldn’t it? As it isn’t exactly an event since you are recruiting for an event.

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This is related to an event. I therefore belive it has a worthy place here.

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Just like @Luke said. Don’t post in events, unless it is an event. Post something like this on your thread.

EDIT: If it is an event, then follow the format for an event.

But it isn’t an event. The event category is for the actual events using the proper format here I think:

About the Events Category.

Greetings, as the current CEO of Osean Air Defense Force Virtual, I would like to apply our VA’s aerobatics branch to this event. Feel free to reply here or in a PM. We have lots to offer you and this event! You won’t be dissapointed


Can you have it set up like an event and not like a normal thread?

Thanks for your interest,

Your request is being processed and we will arrange further by DM


Sign me up! Let me know a time!

Thanks for showing interest! one of our EO’s will contact you soon!

Yeah… were going to cancel this

appreciate your comments.

I’ll display if that’s ok, haven’t decided what yet though, either F14 or c130j. I’m UK time fyi

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Yes Morgan, you’re more than welcome to join us!

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Cheers, I take it if it’s based on RIAT, then it will be based at my local, RAF Fairford?

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Currently in aerosync group and in Eastern time zone I would like to display something like A380 or 747 if you are doing that, if not I can do a fighter. Thanks!

Edit: did some research, and found out more about RIAT I can fly an f-22 if possible

Roger, I will add you to the list ready for when we go into the planning phase!

@morgan99 although it’s based on RIAT, we will be holding it at our HQ which is Lakenheath due to the size issues. I am hoping to hold a day 1 fly in and have everyone on approach and parked for a screen grab.


Ok sweet, I’ll practise both displays in the f14 and c130j, and get back to you on my final decision on what I’ll display in.

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Sounds really good!!

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Want to get involved with Porter?