IFAET question

Are IFAET applications closed currently?

To keep it simple, yes, the IFAET is currently only invite-only - the 3D building software is exclusive to those in the group, and 2D editing (which was once public) is also closed at this time. However, there are eventually plans to expand this to a larger group of people, so stay on the lookout.


invite only… does that mean i have to get noticed?

Yes, activity and contribution to the community is important. However, I’d argue that getting involved is just as important, if not more important. Joining community organizations, particularly IFATC, is probably the most effective way to be noticed in the community - some of the community moderators were noticed and eventually promoted through their contributions on the IFC and in IFATC.


So for the IFAET team, do i need to show them my work?
like 3d stuff?

like should i put my work out in public?

The selection process isn’t based on much experience, be it 3D or not. There are lots of variables and traits considered when picking who they would like to join, which usually comes around to the community members who have contributed most.


contributed to? activity?

With the activity basis, all it means is that you’re active, not whether you’d be a good fit or not; it can be based on theoretically anything for that matter, what that anything is however is up to those in charge.

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ok thank you

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