IFAEGAF's 2023 so far

Hey there IF Community,

Today we are showcasing some of our Officers awesome screenshots/videos, we have some very talented officers in our ranks both in flying skills but also in the photography and videography side of things too.

Make sure to check our thread out if this appeals to you: IFAE - Global Air Forces | Bringing the world together with one force!

1. Over the the Christmas and New Year period, GAF’s Fighter forces from both NAAF & EAF where based out in Northern Europe on Air Baltic Policing missions keeping the skies safe

Taken by EAF’s Col. Lui ‘Total’ Papena @Aviation_X

Taken by NAAF’s Maj. Skyler ‘Marylou’ Cooper @Skyler.Cooper

2. With Deployments and Exercises always going on you will always catch our pilots back home doing continuation training making sure they keep there skills up, below we have some captures of: NAAF’s 74th FS doing some AAR and formation flying while in a heritage display with a P-38 in their A-10C’s, EAF’s 349th Squadron doing some Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM) training for air combat in their F-16AM’s

Taken by NAAF’s Capt. Avery ‘FanBoy’ @CRJ_king45

Taken by EAF’s Capt. Jnbossies @jnbossies

3. Our first public event in over a year seen the whole of GAF out in style with one of our biggest Air Mobility launches with the C-17 flying out from Charleston AFB up to Dover AFB. We had a record of 21 C-17 launch out in just under 10 minutes filling up both airports.
This was not planned but perfectly timed with the USAF real world launch just 1 day prior to the event sending up 24 C-17’s out of Charleston AFB

Taken by NAAF’s Maj. Skyler ‘Marylou’ Cooper @Skyler.Cooper

3. Over in the North American Air Forces’ 89th AS, they specialise in taken high up executives around the world for events and or recreated meetings. They utilise a range of aircraft but one such aircraft is the C-32 where below it is pictured departing Scotlands capital Edinburgh after some executives visited for the day

Taken by NAAF’s Maj. Skyler ‘Marylou’ Cooper @Skyler.Cooper

4. One of EAF’s Squadron Commanders is also a EAF Public Relations & Media Officer, they have a great talent in videography and below is a video showcasing EAF’s Ausbildungstaffel 16 Squadron ‘Dragons’ which is a F/A-18EL Training Squadron based out of Payerne Air Force Base

Taken by EAF’s Maj. Quenan ‘Speedy’ @Q-ENAN

We hope you enjoyed this update on some our Ops for 2023 so far… we can’t wait to show you more as the year continues forward!!

Created by GAF’s PR Team


And I joined ! Oh I just figured that it was me along with @Q-ENAN in the video lol


Busy year already and we’re working on something massive for GAF and IFC involvement


Stay tuned for more details ;)


These are some awesome shots !! We are always up to something somewhere…


This looks like the best way to play IF to me 😏


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We agree 100% !!

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wow!I like that!


Fantastic pictures

lots of C17’s lol man I want that thing to be reworked lol


Wow this is amazing! After seeing this I may apply soon as I have always loved military ops in IF!


@starryskyjack We like it too !! <3

@USA_ATC Thank you, some of the shots our officers get are cracking and are too good not to post up.
We are rooting for a C-17 rework too !!

@Southwest_2115 Thank you for the kind words, we hope to see your name on our applications soon ;)


It’s a pleasure to be a part of this unique VO.

Thank you to our PR team for putting this together!


The best pictures I’ve ever seen in my life, this is perfect. Congratulations to the commanders. 😍