IFAE Thursday Night Flight Night @ EDDF - 120200ZSEP19

Thursday Throwback Night

Hosted by the IFAE Team

For tonight’s event, we take it back to a familiar region flying out of Frankfurt Germany to Zurich. For those familiar with IFAE career mode, all event attendees exp will count towards IFAE revenue so the more that can make it, the merrier! Here’s how details break down:

Start time: 7pm PST | 0200Z | 10pm EST

Flight time: Approximately 45 minutes to an hour

Aircraft: A320 Lufthansa or A321 Swiss

From/To: EDDF - LSZH

Server: Expert Server

Spacing: 10 Nautical Miles

Cruise Altitude: FL280

Flight plan will be available upon spawning in.
Spawning in @ 6:30 PST
Pushback @ 7PST
Takeoff @ 7:10 PST

Please let me know if you would like a gate so that we can assign a gate.


Terminal 1 Gate A40: @IFAEGAF-ArtMartinez

Terminal 1 Gate A38: @ifae.doug.hamilton

Terminal 1 Gate A36: @asneed8706

Terminal 1 Gate A34: @MattRyan

Terminal 1 Gate A30: @Trio

Terminal 1 Gate A28: @IFAE Nate

Terminal 1 Gate A26: @Merv

Terminal 1 Gate A24: @Darius G

Terminal 1 Gate A22: @Brianwilkins

Terminal 1 Gate A20: @MrMrMan

Terminal 1 Gate A18: @Rocco Giordano

Remote Stand V164: @swajim

Remote Stand V166: @ThomasThePro

Remote Stand V167: @DaYooper

Remote Stand V168: @GlobalFlyer1

Remote Stand V169: @Mattheus

Remote Stand V170: @David_Mullen

Remote Stand V171:

Remote Stand V172:

Remote Stand V173:

Remote Stand V174:

At the conclusion of this event, we will count the total exp combined for this flight. About 1 month ago, we were able to get a combined 26.2 million exp in the air combined. Let’s see if we can break that this evening!


I’ll take a gate with the Swiss A321 if possible! Thanks!


I did not know you sold IFAE and GAF to The Asylum? 😂

I might come along. Put me on standby please.


@Mattheus @GlobalFlyer1

Just added both of you. Feel free to use either of the two AC’s listed above. When departing, just note that you don’t have to wait until 10nm to takeoff, usually if you takeoff at 3-5nm it is fine.

The aircraft in front will reach 10,000ft before you and speed up and create the necessary separation to create 10nm. If not, adjust your speed accordingly to create that 10nm separation that everyone else will be displaying. Look forward to seeing you all!

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Less than 2 hours to go!


Showtime! About to spawn in

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my dream to be able to join IFAE. ♥️♥️

Gate please. Swiss A321.

Take Remote Stand V170 sir

I would love to participate with you. Too bad I’m doing a long flight.

all good, next time

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Looking good so far. Might extend out a bit during approach so disregard fp and just follow the queue of aircrafts @David_Mullen

Will make a left crosswind pattern entry into runway 16

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