IFAE invites the Community for a Fly-In Event at Dubai @ OMDB - 102000ZJUN18

Server: Expert

Region: Dubai

Airport: OMDB

Time: 2000z

NOTAM: *The IF Aviation Experts invites everyone in the Community to attend an Fly-In Event. I hosted an similar Event some time ago and it turned out well.
My Plan is to fill up the Terminals at OMDB on Sunday 2000z, as it`s the featured ATC Region for that Day. Hop in your favourite Emirates Aircraft, either the A380, the B77W or the B77L and join us for some great Ramp Shots at Dubai. Goal is to arrive close around 2000z at Dubai from all Directions. Feel free to team up with friends. ATC will be most likely active at this time, so make sure you follow all Instructions.

Please comment below if you are joining and comment your Route/Aircraft you will be using :)

Lets make this big.

I hope to see many of you there.*

List of Attendance

@Leah LSZH-OMDB A380
@BritishAirwaysVA- EGLL-OMDB A380/B77W
@Laminar LIMC-OMDB B77W
@Nate_Schneller KLAX-OMDB A380
@ouzi WIII-OMDB B77W


what date? i may be stupid so im sorry.

Sunday June 10th, the upcoming Sunday

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Will be there! Will fly in from Glasgow.


An IFAE event featuring the community? I absolutely cannot wait. As a matter of fact, I’ll make Invitational Events from us look fancy in the future. 👍🏻🤫😏


awesome i may be able to come. hope ill join IFAE sometime LOL

So are you supposed to arrive at 2000Z or take off towards Dubai at 2000Z

Never mind read the NOTAM

I’ll be doing EGNT-OMDB

In the 777-300ER departing at 1320Z

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Never mind I’m flying with BAVA now

The event is 5 days from now. Also, there’s an option to edit your comment as to not cause too much clutter. 👍🏻


@BritishAirwaysVA what time will you be leaving EGLL?

I am going to join, arriving from Milano Malpensa LIMC.
Looking forward to see many friends in Dubai ;)

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If you’re asking what I’ll be doing, I’ll be in an A388, KLAX-OMDB Departing at 1AM my time as it’s a 15-hour flight 😑


Youre an Ultra Long Haul Monster lately :P Im sure thats one of your shorter routes haha


I will either fly EGLL-OMDB with BAVA or provide tower/ ground if nobody else is

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We aim to be leaving around 13:30Z


Possible* presence of the IFAE’s very own Global Air Forces.


I believe this is at 4pm EDT on Saturday, can someone confirm? Second, does it have to be a RWA route, or can we do one from anywhere?