IFAE Invites IFC - Independence Day Freedom Flight @ KADW - 052100ZJUL18

Server: Expert

Airport: KADW

Time: July 5, 2018 9:00 PM


Happy Independence Day! You’re probably wondering why this isn’t taking place on the 4th, this is because we don’t want a low turnout, as Americans will likely be enjoying the festivities. To celebrate independence, we’ll be doing some low-level flying from Andrews AFB just outside of America’s capital, Washington D.C., to Philadelphia, PA, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Aircraft: P-38

Cruise altitude and speed: 210-220 KIAS, 2,000 feet

Departure Airport: KADW

Arrival Airport: KPHL

Estimated Flying Time: 20-25 minutes


West Apron 14 A: @Delta_Alpha_Lima

West Apron 14 B:

West Apron 14 C:

West Apron 14 D:

West Apron 13 A:

West Apron 13 B:

West Apron 13 C: @Plane-Train-TV

More gates will be added if needed.

Important Information:

 Please maintain 5-8NM spacing in the air.

As the P-38 doesn't have Auto Pilot, it's important that you keep an eye on the 
controls at all times to make sure you don't go outside of the planned altitude
and speed. A small differential is fine  if you 
are unable to maintain 210-220 and 2000 exactly. Of course, I don't expect everyone
to be right on the dot!

20-25 minutes may seem like a lot of time manually flying a plane, but time
flies by, literally :)

Hope to see you there! Have a happy and safe July 4th!


Sign me up, West Apron 14 A. I plan on attending! Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸🙂

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I’ll take 13C! Thanks!

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They’re all yours! See you then.


I will take a spot! Sign me up! Sounds like a good time!

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West Apron 14B is all yours!

How many IFAE Members are participating that are not shown on the gate list?


The IFAE group will takeoff first, from runway 18L.
The IFC group will then takeoff from 18R, when everyone from the IFAE group is finished taking off from runway 18L.
Please wait until the aircraft in front of you is 3 NM in the air before beginning your takeoff roll.
This is in order to maintain good spacing.

@Delta_Alpha_Lima @Plane-Train-TV


When are we starting

Flight plan is up. We will be departing shortly @Delta_Alpha_Lima @Plane-Train-TV

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Not too many were able to make it, but this is still a good crowd. Let’s roll!
If anyone wants to join us, there’s still time.

Hello @RTG113,

I wish I could make it as I would like to be able to join the IFAE/ be invited if I was good enough.

Of course you can come! You don’t have to be part of the IFAE.

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It’s too late for me, otherwise I would definitely come.

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@Delta_Alpha_Lima catch up! Lol

We will be landing on runway 17

Ok yeah I’m not sure what happened. I had the brakes on and power idle but my plane would not slow down. I apologize for the absolutely terrible landing. That’s why I quit the flight.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Really fun, and well organized event. Definitely not that good of a P-38 pilot! 😒😂

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No worries.
Thanks both of you for coming along! Very nice flight

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That was the worst landing I have ever had. I jumped like 3 times! I can blame a sleepy hand! Great event and would do it again! Thanks

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