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At IFAE, our best feature is our global team of highly professional and diverse pilots, who through their dedication and consistent activity, continuously drive our virtual organization forward. Our vision and culture have always remained the same: To inspire pilots to fly most professionally on the sim and to inspire each other to become the best version of ourselves outside of the sim through a network of friendships built over the years.

On behalf of the upper management team of IFAE and our team of pilots around the world, we look forward to seeing you in the Infinite Flight skies.

—Art Martinez, CEO

Welcome to IFAE! It is my privilege to serve as the COO of IFAE and Vice-President of GAF. We have 3 core pillars; Integrity. Respect. Professionalism. Our members are the single most important asset to our organization. But we are more than just a virtual organization. Our passion for aviation may have brought us together, but our shared vision has led to life-long friendships spanning every corner of the globe.

—Doug Hamilton, COO

bullish The Evolution of the IFAE Mission

The Infinite Flight Aviation Experts Group’s past goes back to 29 December 2015 as a Facebook/Messenger Group by @art_martinez, that sought to unify the community’s knowledgeable pilots. Our first internal event had occurred when our member count was only around a handful of 10, and when all pilots had shown up for the flight and took off, the activity and the spacing of the flight were a sign of a future to come. Our Integrity, Respect and Professionalism started from that one flight, and we began to grow our Upper management and our family, and then to extend our reach to the Instagram community with @Nate_Schneller creating the @ifaviationexperts account.

While IFAE was a mainly commercial-based group, we were beginning to extend our standard to the military side. When our executives met up with @Asneed8706 of the small-numbered, but realistically-operated 96th Air Base Wing virtual Squadron on Facebook in 2017, this was the beginning of our Global Air Forces Division, which would go on to become the Community’s largest Virtual Military Organization, allowing everyone a glimpse into the operations of the Air Forces around the world.

Today, we have made an impact on the community by inspiring others to fly at their best, making Infinite Flight a greater place to fly, one flight at a time. Our family and community comes from a multitude of cultures worldwide and is well over a hundred pilots strong, about half of them being IFATCs and is growing by the day, becoming one of, or perhaps the most active organization flying in the Infinite Skies.

image Upper Management

The Upper Management is the team behind the team. They oversee all team operations and make the decisions that make IFAE the best it can be, whether it’s solving problems or building something amazing. These are the members who committed themselves to the team and are a fine representation of our core values, and in doing so, deserved to attain their positions. The individual team member is their biggest priority

IFAE Staff Team

The Executives

Pilot Role
@art_martinez Founder/CEO
@Doug_Hamilton COO

Upper Management

Pilot Role
@nmasterson IFAE CIO/Website Creator
@Asneed8706 GAF Head of Command
@Omar IFAE Upper Management/Senior Advisor
@Mervin_B IFAE Upper Management/US Supervisor
@Trio IFAE Upper Management/Chief ATC
@Nate_Schneller IFAE Upper Management/Media Director

| @Darius_Glover |IFAE Upper Management/Head of Events & Partnerships |
| @Lars |IFAE Upper Management/Career Mode Director |
| @ThomasThePro |IFAE Upper Management/Head of Recruitment & Training|
| @CaptainNajeeb |IFAE Upper Management/Head of Public Relations|

Social Media Team

Pilot Role
@Nate_Schneller IFAE Media Director


image Events

If you know IFAE well, you may have seen massive flights of our members that even stretch across entire countries or bridge across a body of water. Our Events show realism to the greatest extent possible for the greatest experience, whether it would be using SID/STAR charts for departure and arrival or organized fly-ins to get the idea of “arriving on time” that many airlines rely on. We’ve even collaborated with other VA’s and VO’s. You can view our recent flight activity on our Instagram Feed

icons8-discord-240 Communication

Our team moved to Discord, due to regulations with slack. The IFAE Discord has pilots from around the world that brings pilots miles away right on your screen. It’s where our team goes to chat and fly, plan events and many other things.

If you plan on joining us, this will come in handy.

icons8-checklist-96 Requirements

Quality, not quantity. That’s how IFAE maintains its high standard. We’ve designed a system of requirements that have evolved to fit a good number of Expert Server pilots while setting an experience level that should equate to a certain amount of time a user spends getting used to the Infinite Flight Skies and learning new things to a point where they become a knowledgeable pilot.


Main Requirements

These are the basic qualifications.

Age 14 and over
Grade 4 and up
800,000XP or higher
Under 100 violations
No Level 2 or 3 violation in last 12 months

Other Requirements
What else is needed to become an IFAE that is not based on your stats?

Good Community standing and observed pilot behaviour
Ability to pass a Theory and Practical exam

Tips and Tricks
Didn’t make the requirements? Don’t worry! We made sure that those who are determined get a second chance.

Good Community/Pilot behaviour is a must for an IFAE. All you have to do is do your best to fly professionally and contribute positively to your Infinite Flight Community. If you have these elements but didn’t make one of the basic requirements, you may be considered for an override A high violation count could have been a part of your early days in the skies.

If you had failed the Theory Test, we’ve built a flight academy to make sure you’ve regained the knowledge.

Work hard, study hard and practice. Apply the Community Tutorials to your flying and avoid violations and reports. Build your XP and landings by flying patterns and making good landings in strong crosswinds.

image The Recruitment Road Map

Every journey begins with the first step, or in this case, the first letter you type in the application form. In this form are easy questions about yourself and a place where you send pictures of your stats (Attach both your Stats and Grade Table). Once done, your application form will be reviewed by recruiters.

If accepted, a Theory Test will be sent to you via DM. If you pass with a score of 90% or higher, you will instantly move on to the next test. If you miss the mark, you may have to wait a week before you can try again. Take that time to study Community Tutorials and apply it in your flying.

Depending on your local area, a career mode flying system will require you to fly to your nearest training airport to complete your practical training. You will fly with 2 or more IFAE Testers in an active and controlled airspace. They will listen carefully to your ATC usage/compliance, observe your spacing and yes, even monitor your usage of lights on the aircraft.

Is there more after that? Nope! You’ve made it. You have now begun your new journey among Infinite Flight’s finest.

Thank you for taking the time to know us! If you feel that you’re ready to become an IFAE, use the link below.


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