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Take your first flight with the Team!

Our first Community Event is up! We’ll be taking our Flagship, the Cessna Citation X on a nostalgic route through what was once the Singapore Region. Sign up with your preferred Livery and gate number below!

UPDATE: Event Completed.

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts | 2019
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Yeah, i will never get in :(

Never say never bro

Ive over 200 violations between 2014-2015, when I was nine (mostly for violating airspace, and land on small airports with big planes)
So I will never get in

Didn’t you know you could be considered for an override if possible? I have over 120 (most of them are old airspace violations) and I’m a big part of the team. Old violations don’t say who you really are in the present. You do have a chance 👍🏻


Following up on what Nate mentioned. We’re a fair group and understand that all of us at some point were new to the sim and perhaps didn’t realize the impact some violations could make in the future with access to servers, va/vo acceptance. Take our written test, show us you know the basic fundamentals of the sim and that you can exercise good situational awareness in various scenarios. Your chances of getting in increase by simply trying. You have 0% chance of getting in if you never try though :)


Small group flight out of Kodiak


on the application, the IFC name, is the username here on the forum?

Yes you got that!

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awesome sauce. i assumed it was. submitted my app. hope to hear from yall soon

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Monday Night’s Short Haul (hosted by IFAE @Darius_Glover ) took 14 of our pilots through the best of what New Zealand has to offer! Thanks to all ATCs for their service along the way! 🙌🏻💪🏻😁


We wish you luck, Matt!

We are honored to be joined with other VA’s tonight/day to say farewell to BAVA’s impactful Former President, @Matt Elphick, who just so happens to be one of our own team members. You really have shown what a true role model was to your airline and we wish you luck on your new journey with BAVA and the Team here at IFAE. We hope to see you in the skies!

Infnite Flight Aviation Experts | 2019
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Every Flight Counts

This weekend, IFAE will host a first-of-its-kind fight that not only promises to be our largest event yet, but it’s for a greater cause. Every pilot that flies with us in a professional manner will count as money donated to local Cancer Research foundations. Should you plan on donating, Several sponsoring VA’s and organizations will have something special for you! The donations are well above $100 and over 30 pilots as of now are scheduled to attend.
Thanks to all for your support!

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts | 2019
Integrity. Respect. Professionalism.


Formation Fridays 19.1 Edition

Featuring @Nate_Schneller @Cbro4 @KarlMcDonkey @Scott_Ellis_Paddon & @nmasterson


Awesome shots, Scott!

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Love it!! Great photos @Scott_Ellis_Paddon!


Another Flight for Those in Need

April is Autism Awareness Month, and GAF is prepping to “airlift for autism” in their FIRST joint-hosted community event with IFAE!

A little background to this event: @Asneed8706 is doing this not only for his eldest son (who has HFA), but for everyone with autism, which actually includes me, believe it or not.

I hope to see everyone there!

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts | 2019
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Here’s an example of The Team’s camaraderie, as Maryland’s IFAE Pilots, Me and @Grizpac went over to BWI for some spotting! When you’re in a team that drives itself through the unification and friendship of pilots who express a unique professionalism, it truly can bring them together in actuality.

Here are some shots from the “Marylander Meetup”
(Yep. I used a telephoto attached to my phone and I still get good spotting shots. But I really need a real camera 😂)

82 Likes, 4 Comments - Nate Schneller (@nate.futurepilot) on Instagram: “@ifaviationexperts Marylander Meetup with @grizpac. Good times spotting at #BWI 👍🏻

Via @Grizpac:
”At BWI. Look who is here @nate.futurepilot

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts | 2019
Integrity. Respect. Professionalism.


20-Pilot Flash Flight

Flight like these sometimes just come out of the blue for IFAE. 👍🏻


Hi there!
Is there someone I can contact about an override? I fulfil all the requirements except the flights to landing ratio, however there is no place on the application to explain this, is there someone I can PM?

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