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Doesnt this apply?


I’d recommend DMing someone, rather than clogging the thread. ;)


Lets get the chance to make it clear and for every future question about it as well. We need the hard skills (your stats) and your soft skills (community behavior). Both combined result in a good candidate.


Congrats on the new thread! Glad to be a part of the IFAE team.


Awesome new thread! Just applied! :)


Frankly if it were not for IFAE and GAF, I’d find IF pretty boring. In fact I almost quit IF before I found this amazing family (yes, you read that right). Besides great team spirit and friendships across borders, flying with the best pilots in commercial aircraft and military events is a fantastic addition to the IF experience.
Highly recommend pilots to read up on all aspects of aviation, practice professional flying and join us as soon as you have the required stats for IFAE. If you don’t have the stats then apply for GAF get noticed and work your way to IFAE.


Loving to see this here. Happy tobe a part of the Team since many Years❤️


Great! Then I’m proud of this thread!


Great thread! Congrats to the Staff and all Captains worldwide making this team an amazing flight simulator experience. :)


Congrats this seems like a team worth joining one day hopefully. I noticed you guys literally about and hour ago I was flying from Atlanta to Myrtle Beach. There was a Cessna Citation X, and 2 Boeing VC-25’s(Air Force One). Hope they had a good flight✈️


Such a professional organization. Top job to all involved! 😃


Looks superb, well done @Nate_Schneller


Best by Mission, Best in the Community

Did you know that IFAE and its Global Air Forces are the 2018 Best Virtual Organization? We were nominated by you, the Community, at the IFC Awards last month, and you will always have our thanks for that.

As IFAE Pilots, our mission is to inspire others to strive for their best, and one day, become a pilot who flies with a thorough knowledge of the skies, all through like-mindedness and camaraderie. That is how we made an impact on the community.

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts | 2019
Integrity. Respect. Professionalism.


Love being apart of this Family! #teamIFAE 🛫🙌🏾




Hello everyone, I was registered in IFAE a year ago in my first account, had to change my device and when I change it all data was deleted. What shall I do to be in IFAE again ?


Sign up using airtables IFAE Pilot Application - Airtable


Well, what was your first username?
Send me your email you’ve been added to our slack before. We can easily validate, if you’ve ever been an IFAE.
Please make sure you don’t mistake us with the editing team ;)


Quick update for all that have recently submitted an application:

We are working diligently to reach out to all applicants in a timely manner but are experiencing some delays. Please keep in mind the requirements to be considered before applying to save some time.

400,000 exp +
Under 100 Violations
Flights/Landings Ratio 4/3 (75 landings for every 100 flights)
No ATC Ghosts in the past 12 months

Thank you for your continued patience through this launch phase of our IFC thread and happy flying!


It’s more or less a launch phase into the Community itself. Oh, and if you viewers want in on something, there’s a launch party coming soon 🤫👍🏻😁