IFAE- Global Air Forces | Year of our Pilots! | Official 2022 thread

I sent up the application but I don’t know if the screenshot of my stats have been uploaded or if they did and you have a million of them now.

As mentioned above your application is being handled. you will be contacted shortly. Thanks for your patients !!

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can GAF sponsor my KTUS airshow event?

DM me and we can have a chat about it for sure.

ok, thanks i will soon, in school rn

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Hi Everyone, some great coverage of GAF’s recent activity. Included in the snaps, are our C-17A - USAF 75 Anniversary event, which saw North American Air Forces (NAAF) and European Air Forces (EAF) unite to celebrate this USAF milestone.

In addition, the other snaps are of a recent sortie within EAF, in which our European and Belgian modelled Wings, joined our new Swiss Super Hornet Wing, on a training mission over Germany.

Credited: @Aviation_X @jnbossies


I applied like 2 weeks ago but I haven’t received anything? I submitted the application mentioned in the actual body of this thread (1)

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Morning Josh, will look into this. Hopefully we will process your application swiftly.

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Awesome photos, looks like a ton of fun 🤩



Just pulled up our recruitment sheet. We just stood up our F-18 squadron for active duty today. So give us a couple of days to get sorted and we will be in contact to get you going.

Lovely thread! Just applied :)


thanks, i hope you are accepted into the family