IFAE- Global Air Forces | Year of our Pilots! | Official 2022 thread

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IFVARB & Community Approved

Voted Best Virtual Organisation 2018/2019.


Global Air Forces is the single most unique Virtual Organisation in the history of our community. We simulate a military alliance made up of 3 air forces positioned around the world; vUSAF, EAF & vRAAF which offer you the chance to fly to and from all 7 continents as part of our routine and deployed operations.

Foreword from our Founding Member

"Infinite Flight Aviation Experts Global Air Forces represent the standards of excellence and professionalism in the realm of the Infinite Flight Community to help maintain a culture of respect, understanding and equality. The IFAE GAF constructed the most prolific and immersed organized virtual military organization within the IFC and its users.

This community still relies on not only our own organizational members but the collective of VA’s/VO’s to continue to project the IFC standards and promote the community in a positive light. While changes both internal to Infinite Flight and the world we live in a have sought to challenge our resiliency and strength, we have nevertheless overcome hardships both in public and private. The IFAE GAF must operate at the speed relevance in order to continue to be seen as the standard and not the exception. We stand ready to conduct and project ourselves in this fashion as we also continue to build our organization and influence within the IFC.

It is a privilege and honour to lead the IFAE GAF as we continue to grow in leadership, followership and mentorship for not only the present but future leaders of this organization. Together we will continue to expand and inundate our presences of professionalism and excellence within the IFC. Together we will forge new partnerships, divisional forces and cement trust within the communities and our alliances we are a part of. Only if we continue to succeed by way of our dedicated officers will we meet these objectives. We must work in unison to meet our mission and vision through our Line of Efforts (LOE) We invite all IFC members who align with these goals and standards to join us in our organization."

Andrew M Sneed
General, VUSAF
GAF-Joint Headquarters

Group Captain Mattia β€˜Don’ S
EAF 349th Squadron XO
β€œBeing Squadron XO of a fast jet squadron presents duties but also a lot of fun. There are many tasks to be done, from more practical ones like being an instructor for new recruits or being the leader on a sortie, to office work, like keeping all documents up to date and in order. I am very happy to have joined GAF ​​and have made a career in here! I recommend everyone to participate and become part of this big family.”

1st Lt Elden β€˜Bacon’ P
vUSAF 77th FS Line Pilot
β€œFlying for GAF is amazing, from the squad commanders to the command staff everyone does there job amazingly! I have enjoyed flying the f-16 for GAF and will continue too. From Dog fighting our jets to cargo to bombing GAF does it all!! Here at GAF I will the f-16 I do a lot of dog fighting and the occasional bombing run. I also have experienced Deployments which I typically will spend patrolling on fighter bogeys.”

2nd Lt Steven T
vUSAF 92nd ARS Line Pilot
β€œA day in the life of a 92nd squadron KC-10 pilot is very interesting and exciting! We do everything from overseas deployments to transporting hurricane relief supplies and one of my favorites is the Air to Air Refueling (AAR). It’s always exciting watching F-22’s turn and burn after casually receiving fuel from the boom. GAF is not only flying in the USA so we also have deployments to support our fellow airmen overseas. On days where we are not refueling other aircraft, the 92nd air refueling squadron is flying cargo to other bases or doing training flights so our pilots are constantly learning.”

MEAF Adam West
EAF Commanding Officer
β€œI joined Global Air Forces in February 2020 and, on completion of my exciting flying training, I was immediately deployed to an Operational Theatre. The teamwork, comradery and morale amongst all members was exceptional and has motivated my GAF Career throughout. I have had the opportunity to command my own Squadron, and then take command of a group of Squadrons, before being selected to run the European Division. Now, I hope that I can motivate each and every new member of GAF in the same way that I was back when I first joined.”

virtual United States Air Force

Commander: General Jarek Sydry & General Brian Wilkins
Deputies: Lieutenant General Clay Aalders & Lieutenant General Richard Murdock

Mission Statement: Train and equip Airman to fly in virtual service to the to the United States & allies. To deliver air power domestically and internationally in support of offensive, defensive and air support capacities.

Click Below to see this forces aircraft inventory!

vUSAF aircraft fleet

A-10C Warthog
AC-130 Hercules Gunship
C-130H/J/J-30 Hercules
C-17A Globemaster
C-40 Clipper
F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-22 Raptor
KC-10 Extender

European Air Force

Commander: Marshall European Air Force Adam West
Deputy: General Pete Harrison

Mission Statement: A united airforce operating beyond borders, to provide the IFC with a professional and innovative outlook, on European Military Operations.

Click Below to see this forces aircraft inventory!

EAF aircraft fleet

A-10C Warthog (reserve only)
C-130H/J/J-30 Hercules
C-17A Globemaster
F-16AM Fighting Falcon
F-22 Raptor (reserve only)
KDC-10 Extender
P-8A Poseidon MRA.1

virtual Royal Australian Air Force

Commander: Air Chief Marshal Jacob Pevere
Deputy: Group Captain Ash Rand

Mission Statement: To supply operationally ready personnel & aircraft to deliver air power at home and overseas in the face of adversity. Grow our forces to improve mutual support to GAF & enhance our impact on domestic operations.

Click Below to see this forces aircraft inventory!

vRAAF aircraft fleet

F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-18 Super Hornet
C-17 Globemaster
C-130 Hercules
KC-10 Extender

In our different forces within GAF, we are all very different and have very specific ranks and roles to each force. in this category you will learn about the different ranks and what you need to achieve them during your time with us


| RANK | Requirement |
| Cadet | New entry member in Basic Training |
| 2nd Lieutenant | Squadron Commander Directed |
| 1st Lieutenant | Squadron Commander Directed |
| Captain | Squadron Commander Directed |
| Major | Wing Commander Directed |
| Lieutenant Colonel | Wing Commander Directed |
| Colonel | Heavies: 440 Flt hours / Fighters: 300 Flt hours |
| Brigadier General | Confirmation by SACUS. / heavies: 650 flt hours minimum. / fighters: 400 flight hours minimum. |
| Major General | Confirmation by SACUS. / Position warranted to promotion need. / Heavies: 830 flt hours minimum. / fighters: 530 flt hours minimum. |
| Lieutenant General | Confirmation by SACUS. / Position warranted to promotion need. / Leadership role throughout GAF is looked at. / Heavies: 1000 flt hours minimum. / fighters: 620 flt hours minimum. |
| General | Confirmation by SACUS / Position warranted to promotion need. / (flight hours no longer considered) / Leadership role throughout GAF is looked at. |


| RANK | Requirement |
| Officer Recruit | New entrant yet to complete BFT |
| Pilot Officer | A new graduated BFT Officer, only able to fly general aircraft handling and AFT sorties |
| Lieutenant | Completed a minimum 20hrs Fast Jet (FJ) or 50hrs Multi-Engine (ME) |
| Captain | Completed a minimum 50hrs (FJ) or 100hrs (ME) |
| Colonel | Completed a minimum 125hrs (FJ) or 250hrs (ME) |
| Group Captain | Squadron Executive Officers (XO) |
| Major General | Squadron Commanding Officers (OC) |
| Lieutenant General | Groups Commander, 3 FTS and Standards/Evaluations Officer |
| General | 2nd in command EAF |
| MEAF | EAF Commanding Officer|


TBD (coming soon)

In GAF, there are many different pathways you could take in your flying career with us!

If fast paced, quick action with lots of team work and quick thinking is your thing, then have a think about taking our fast jet pathways. Here you will work closely with other fast jet pilots on a daily bases, continue to develop your flying skills as well as learn strategic networking within your force to complete a mission.

If you like a little slower paced but love to work as a multi crew then look no further then you Air Mobility aircraft. Carry heavy loads in and out of hard to get to areas, maybe even drop them in the air. you will work closely with you fellow mobility pilots to make sure that everyone has what they need, when they need, no matter how they need it. You test and develop your flying skills daily to complete any task needed.

Do you like flying in a battle space or over the water, Then you will be perfect for our electronic warfare or Maritime patrol aircraft where you will be at the forefront of airspaces testing your nerves. You will be looking to help and guide your fellow pilots of any type to fly safely and to carry their mission quickly while also doing your own missions of seeking and finding information about certain subjects whether that be over land or on water.

While doing all of this, you will also be able to climb the rank structure of your chosen force. Starting as a recruit and going through training, then climb the table where you may lead a squadron of your own one day.

If you like what you see and want to join our ranks, ensure you meet the entry requirements;

β€’ Must be in good standing with IFC and IFVARB.
β€’ Aged 13 and above.
β€’ Grade 3+ for access to Expert server.
β€’ Note you do not have to be a member of IFAE to join GAF.

Apply Now

GAF partners with well established VAs and VOs. We pride ourselves on maintaining partnerships and links to the wider community to bring variation in the usual within other communities. If you are looking to partner your VA or VO with GAF please feel free to message us. Our civil and military affiliates provide GAF with support whether it comes via air transportation or heavy cargo movements; our partners help GAF project air power around the world.

At IFAE, our best feature is our global team of highly professional and diverse pilots, who through their dedication and consistent activity, continuously drive our virtual organization forward. Our vision and culture has always remained the same: To inspire pilots to fly in the most professional manner on the sim and to inspire each other to become the best version of ourselves outside of the sim through a network of friendships built over the years

Over 45000 flights flown. 340,000 hours. The world circumnavigated nearly 52000 times. 2,900+ routes. And we’re not done yet. British Airways Virtual is one of the most established and groundbreaking virtual airlines within the Infinite Flight Community, breaking barriers since its certification over five years ago, and even before then as β€œSpeedbird VA”. With over 65 aircraft in our mainline and codeshare fleet, and routes stretching to every continent, the entire world has been opened up, and is ours for the flying. Over 250 Pilots, united together, as one, with the British Flair in every nautical mile we fly. We embody that spirit everywhere we grace, and make experiences and memories that will last a lifetime, indefinitely, all within Infinite Flight.

β€œNatures of the beast is footsteps upon threshold bringing challenging threats and disasters as they may or may not appear realistic, but in reality, fear not thy enemy, only disbelieve, as we must stand beside our courage that continuously bleeds, except everything lost but not our defeat. Remember each flight as you remember this fight, Because a safe return may be out of reach.
The USCG-IF dedicates each flight to the community we serve: the INFINITE FLIGHT COMMUNITY.”


Its a good start to the year for the 89th Squadron.


This looks amazing, well done on a superb thread !! Cant wait for the awesomeness as a GAF pilot this year !!


Looking good! Salute


Outstanding work on this thread 2022 is going to be an exciting year for GAF. I am absolutely ready!


Proud to be a member of this excellent VO. I hope that 2022 proves to be as exciting as 2021!


Great thread, hopefully more people become inspired with the world of military aviation. Great to be apart of the VA.


We Are excited to announce that IFAE- Global Air Forces will be bringing community focused events in which you as IFC members are welcome to join !

Our first event will be in February with dates and times TBC.

Keep an eye out and make sure you sign up to join us in some awesome events we have lined up !!


We just added our first Instagram post by one of our very own pilots @Aviation_X in our first internal flash flight of 2022.

We have added the link to our main thread. We hope you enjoy all the awesome media to come from GAF this year !!


Nice. I will try to join! <3


You won’t regret it, come join the fun @Alexbg29

Hi IFAE, and how long to wait for the application to be considered?

I really want to fly for you already on f16


Hi there!

I can see that your application has been received by the recruitment team and they will process you soon.

Looking forward to seeing you in our European Division in the near future

Adam West
GAF Joint Headquarters


Oh, this is amazing news, I’m waiting


Just applied!


I just applied, can’t wait!


Wow, nice thread. Am I still a member or do I need to re-apply? I was in last year’s thread.


Check your Dms… you should be good to go thank you for choosing GAF @MR.FOXY09 Check your Dms as wellπŸ™πŸΎ

Increasing vNATO presence in NATO countries! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ great work by the entire vGAF wings for making this mission possible. Hopefully it encourages some recruitment into the vUSAF 27th.


DEUCE 305 πŸ›¬ KVAD from EGVN and is ready for MX to look over my bird