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(Credit: Col. Lui ‘Total’ Papena)

Global Air Forces is the single most unique Virtual Organisation in the history of our community. We simulate a military alliance made up of 2 air forces positioned around the world; NAAF & EAF which offer you the chance to fly to and from all 7 continents as part of our routine and deployed operations.

Foreword from our Founding Member

"Infinite Flight Aviation Experts Global Air Forces represent the standards of excellence and professionalism in the realm of the Infinite Flight Community to help maintain a culture of respect, understanding and equality. The IFAE GAF constructed the most prolific and immersed organized virtual military organization within the IFC and its users.

This community still relies on not only our own organizational members but the collective of VA’s/VO’s to continue to project the IFC standards and promote the community in a positive light. While changes both internal to Infinite Flight and the world we live in a have sought to challenge our resiliency and strength, we have nevertheless overcome hardships both in public and private. The IFAE GAF must operate at the speed relevance in order to continue to be seen as the standard and not the exception. We stand ready to conduct and project ourselves in this fashion as we also continue to build our organization and influence within the IFC.

It is a privilege and honour to lead the IFAE GAF as we continue to grow in leadership, followership and mentorship for not only the present but future leaders of this organization. Together we will continue to expand and inundate our presences of professionalism and excellence within the IFC. Together we will forge new partnerships, divisional forces and cement trust within the communities and our alliances we are a part of. Only if we continue to succeed by way of our dedicated officers will we meet these objectives. We must work in unison to meet our mission and vision through our Line of Efforts (LOE) We invite all IFC members who align with these goals and standards to join us in our organization."

Andrew M Sneed
General, NAAF
GAF-Joint Headquarters

(Credit: Maj Skyler ‘Marylou’ Cooper)

Gen. Jarek Sydry

NAAF Former Chief of Staff of the Air Force (FCSAF)

“When I joined Global Air Forces, what really got me excited was the perfection of other pilots flying in formation and following military rules. Truth is, it was a bit scary at first since I did not know anything about the military. What really surprised me was when I found out that some other pilots are real pilots flying real aircraft in life, and some are also in the military…
Being in NAAF starting as line pilot and then moving up the ranks to General and position of CSAF, made me realize that you can have fun and enjoy a (game) but also be serious about it and conduct military exercises / operations as in real life.
Also, I have met a lot of people with whom you develop a bond of friendship even though you never had a chance to meet them in real life, yet you feel like you know them for years.
Being in NAAF for several years now, I still enjoy it and treat it seriously and have full respect for all other pilots regardless what rank they are.
Best virtual military organization I have ever come across.
Be safe, and I hope to see you one day with us in the sky.”

Sqn Ldr. Mark ‘Guppy’

EAF Hercules Executive Officer

“Flying for the GAF has transformed my gaming experience on Infinite Flight. Giving a truly collective meaning to each of our flights, bringing a more realistic and thoughtful dimension are such precious things here! I appreciated that the instruction takes place without judgement, whatever your level, we will help you, you will be part of our team. Realistic missions all over the world, jointly led by the USA and European section, great encounters, teenagers and IRL pilots, the GAF is unique.”

Maj. Lasher

NAAF 425th Squadron Commanding Officer

“Being the Commanding Officers of No. 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron is a very enjoyable role to hold in GAF. No two days in GAF are the same and I really enjoy the great community that it has created. There is great comradely and teamwork in GAF where all squadrons work together to achieve the set objective. Whether it be flying patrols, practising Basic Fighter Manoeuvres (BFM), staying proficient with Air to Air Refuelling (AAR), conducting low level sorties, or deploying around the world on exercises all while setting a great example of highly enthusiastic and professional pilots to other users in the Infinite Flight skies.”

ACM Pete ‘Pan-Pan’ Harrison

Commanding Officer EAF

“Global Air Forces is a unique virtual organisation. Giving the Infinite Flight Community, a unique outlook and experience of military operations within a simulated environment. Offering members the VO a chance to fly varied fleet of aircraft, within bespoke missions, tasks, operations and exercises. GAF also creates a network for all individuals from various walks of life, passionate about military aviation, even benefiting from real life military experience/ knowledge within the VO. Furthermore it regularly provides a space for camaraderie, friendship and teamwork between individuals across globe.”

(Credit: Sqn Ldr. James Harvey)

North American Air Force

Mission Statement: Train and Equip Air Personnel to fly in virtual service to the North American Air Forces & Allies. To deliver air power domestically and internationally in support of offensive, defensive and air support capacities.

Click Below to see this forces aircraft inventory!

NAAF aircraft fleet

A-10C Warthog
AC-130 Hercules Gunship
C-130H/J/J-30 Hercules
C-17A Globemaster III
C-40 Clipper
F-16C Fighting Falcon
F-22A Raptor
KC-10 Extender
CF-18E Super Hornet

(Credit: Maj. Jetcentric)

EAF Crest

European Air Force

Mission Statement: A united airforce operating beyond borders, to provide the IFC with a professional and innovative outlook, on European Military Operations.

Click Below to see this forces aircraft inventory!

EAF aircraft fleet

TBM-930 T1
C-130J/J30 Hercules
C-17A Globemaster III
F-16AM Fighting Falcon
F/A-18EL Super Hornet

(Credit: Cpt. jnbossies)

In our different forces within GAF, we are all very different and have very specific ranks and roles to each force. in this category you will learn about the different ranks and what you need to achieve them during your time with us


| RANK | Requirement |

| Cadet | New entry member in Basic Training |

| 2nd Lieutenant | Squadron Commander Directed |

| 1st Lieutenant | Squadron Commander Directed |

| Captain | Squadron Commander Directed |

| Major | Wing Commander Directed |

| Lieutenant Colonel | Wing Commander Directed |

| Colonel | Heavies: 440 Flt hours / Fighters: 300 Flt hours |

| Brigadier General | Confirmation by SACUS. / heavies: 650 flt hours minimum. / fighters: 400 flight hours minimum. |

| Major General | Confirmation by SACUS. / Position warranted to promotion need. / Heavies: 830 flt hours minimum. / fighters: 530 flt hours minimum. |

| Lieutenant General | Confirmation by SACUS. / Position warranted to promotion need. / Leadership role throughout GAF is looked at. / Heavies: 1000 flt hours minimum. / fighters: 620 flt hours minimum. |

| General | Confirmation by SACUS / Position warranted to promotion need. / (flight hours no longer considered) / Leadership role throughout GAF is looked at. |


| RANK | Requirement |

| Officer Recruit | New Recruit to Completion of BFT |

| Pilot Officer | Completion of AFT |

| Lieutenant | 25hrs 1Gp / 50hrs 2Gp |

| Flight Lieutenant | ** 50hrs 1Gp / 100hrs 2Gp** |

| Captain | ** 125+ 1Gp / 250hrs + 2Gp)** |

| Squadron Leader | Deputy Commander of Wing (XO) |

| Major | Officer Commanding Wing (OC) |

| Colonal | Group Commander |

| Air Vice Marshal | Deputy Officer Commanding EAF |

| Air Chief Marshal (CEAF) | Commanding Officer EAF |

(Credit: Col. Lui ‘Total’ Papena)

(Credit: Capt. Avery ‘FanBoy’)

In GAF, there are many different pathways you could take in your flying career with us!

If fast paced, quick action with lots of team work and quick thinking is your thing, then have a think about taking our fast jet pathways. Here you will be working closely with other fast jet pilots where you will continue too develop your flying skills as well as learn strategic networking within your force to complete a mission.

If you like a little slower paced flying but love to work as a multi crew and have a fundamental part in operation success, then look no further then our air mobility pathways. Here you will carry missions with crucial cargo operating all over the globe and keeping the backbone of our forces in operation. You will work closely with your fellow mobility pilots to make sure that everyone has what they need, when they need, no matter the conditions. You will test and develop your flying skills often to complete any task needed.

Do you like flying in a battle space or over the water, Then you will be perfect for our electronic warfare or Maritime patrol aircraft where you will be at the forefront of airspaces testing your nerves. You will be looking to help and guide your fellow pilots of any type to fly safely and to carry their mission quickly while also doing your own missions of seeking and finding information about certain subjects whether that be over land or on water.

While doing all of this, you will also be able to climb the rank structure of your chosen force. Starting as a recruit and going through training, then climb the table where you may lead a squadron of your own one day.

If you like what you see and want to join our ranks, ensure you meet the entry requirements;

• Must be in good standing with IFC and IFVARB.
• Aged 13 and above.
• Grade 3+ for access to Expert server.
• Note you do not have to be a member of IFAE to join GAF.

Apply Now

GAF partners with well established VAs and VOs. We pride ourselves on maintaining partnerships and links to the wider community to bring variation in the usual within other communities. If you are looking to partner your VA or VO with GAF please feel free to message us. Our civil and military affiliates provide GAF with support whether it comes via air transportation or heavy cargo movements; our partners help GAF project air power around the world.


At IFAE, our best feature is our global team of highly professional and diverse pilots, who through their dedication and consistent activity, continuously drive our virtual organization forward. Our vision and culture has always remained the same: To inspire pilots to fly in the most professional manner on the sim and to inspire each other to become the best version of ourselves outside of the sim through a network of friendships built over the years


“Natures of the beast is footsteps upon threshold bringing challenging threats and disasters as they may or may not appear realistic, but in reality, fear not thy enemy, only disbelieve, as we must stand beside our courage that continuously bleeds, except everything lost but not our defeat. Remember each flight as you remember this fight, Because a safe return may be out of reach.
The USCG-IF dedicates each flight to the community we serve: the INFINITE FLIGHT COMMUNITY.”

(Credit: Maj. Skyler ‘Marylou’ Cooper)

Credit for our thread goes to the GAF PR Team.


This is looking awesome, cant wait to see what the year brings for us here at IFAEGAF !!!

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Hey! Great thread

I’m thinking of applying for GAF, what does the recruitment process look like if your application is accepted? (Are there any practical or written tests?)


Hey there Elliot, If accepted, our process differs slightly between NAAF and EAF but generally is as follows:
You will be brought onboard and invited to our discord as well as get you signed up to our Command Center, you will then fly from your home airport to the base where your chosen Squadron is based to conduct Basic Flight Training (EAF) then Advanced Flight Training (EAF & NAAF) to learn and get qualified in all areas of operation for your chosen airframe. after that you are all set to go !!


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appreciate the wishes Baba, we hope you are as excited as we are !!

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Here’s to a great 2023! Fantastic thread from our PR team and huge shout of thank you to all who contributed. Everyone of you helps make this organization function and run to meet our shared mission vission and goals. Cheers!🍻


Another year gone.

A new year for GAF. <3


Still proud to serve for GAF/EAFn A VO that turned into family, and after all those years I’m a part of it, nover gets old…