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Welcome to the 92nd!


71st Rescue Squadron

The 71st is looking for C130 pilots to join our squadron, dedicated to disaster relief, search and rescue, and much more. Open to all GAF US Pilots!

Picture from Maj. Aceorbit departing for Columbus Air Force Base to provide disaster relief from tornados that have recently hit Mississippi


May I ask what the training means. What do you do for that


Also, anyone looking for refueling or Executive pilots


Also, why is the KC-10 not avilable in the primary aircraft request


Hello, to the last one, it is, look under fleet on the thread.
Training also depends on aircraft.


Hello, it’s one of your KDC-10 pilot, 10 Squad.
When would I be able to apply to two squadrons?
Thanks in advance and good evening GAF euro!


It’s not on the application, an you check that please


Also, any openings in the 92nd refueling squadron


The 92nd is always open💪 and I’ll PM one of the commanders as I dont see the KC10 as a primary aircraft request either


Thanks, because I’d love to join


Right roger, i will get that changed asap


We’d love to have you in the 92nd!


Please discuss GAF matters, in the GAF Slack you are a privileged member of.


Will you have it fixed by tomorrow?


Im not sure


@Asneed8706 ^^^^^^


Time for some picture then 😁

Departing Barduföss in Northern Norway after dropping off some battle hardened Royal Marines who are going to conduct winter warfare training there…

Coming back to Brize after a flight is always a pleasant feeling…😉

Cheers, Wing Commander B4ND1T


I’ll take in your application personally. Sorry my real world work has kept me out of sorts for a good bit now.




Are you allowed to be in 2 squadrons at once?