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The answer to your first question to my knowledge would be no. Just fly as much as you want, but the more active the better of course 😉

And the answer to your second question is just apply using the form on top of this page and someone will contact you and ask you about your prefered airframe…

I hope to see you soon in GAF!


Alright, thank you!


Yes do. Apply. You’ll love it


Have a lot of school stuff that could get in the way of the all the training. Hopefully though, one day I’ll be in the air in IF, refuelling F22s.


Business as usual on Monday… bringing 2 47 squadron pilots to the C-130 plant in Marietta, Georgia and then fly on to Hato on the Dutch isle Curaçao with humanitarian aid goods for the Venezuelan crisis…

Pics below of the beautiful second leg of the flight from Georgia to Curaçao over Florida and the Bahama’s…

Off the Florida coast

Great Abaco island in the Bahama’s…

“Rum Cay” on the left…

The Dominican republic’s awesome coastline…

Unloading humanitarian aid goods at Hato airport on Curaçao. In the background the Caribbean sea.


Since yesterday, No. 11 Squadron is deployed for training missions in the Alpine environment.

Flying 1000ft above the highest mountains of Europe slightly below mach 1 is a great pleasure. Here are some pictures taken by myself, Havoc 1.

Flying over the most known Swiss mountain, the Matterhorn

Above the Valleys, on route to St Moritz

Landing after a T&G session at Dübendorf

Matterhorn from another perspective

Hydroelectric dam seen from above

Doors wide open to pilots from all Europe / Africa / Middle East ✌️


Another day another great flight for 2 Group. Today it’s flying a C-130 from EHWO-LGKL to fetch another pilot’s airplane. Contact me, @B4ND1T or @booster45 if you are based in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa and want to fly for the best and most active set of pilots in GAF.

2 Group: Nos Portare Faex

The Alps sticking up through the fog in Northern Italy.

Mountainous Croatian coastline off the Adriatic

Turning to final approach at LGKL


This is awesome. So sorry to have missed this flight. Happy landings.


GAF 492nd Squadron Lakenheath

Some beauty shots while returning to base after auster landing training at Vejers Strand DK:


If you’re in the US, the 92nd would welcome another KC pilot!


BULL freight of 41 Squadon 2 Group (Euro Forces) over the Atlantic


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Waiting for recruiter


Waiting for a recruiter as I applied a couple of days ago? Thank you


As far as I know this is the GAF thread and not some civil aviation fanfest… please delete…


I’m done with my training and now a 92nd KC-10 air refueling squardon😃


Congrats mate!


Norwegian Airforce checking in, flying under callsign ICE.


Norvegian airforce? Why not join our F16 Squadron 😎


Just representing 😎there are a few of us.