IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”


Having a good time flying for 10 Squadron today. VIP transport across the Atlantic. Look like fun? It is. Contact me or @booster45 if you are interested.

Over the Isle of Man, home of Group Captain @AdamCallow

Over the Canadian rockies after 8.5 hours in the air.

Air Chief Marshal @Scott_Ellis_Paddon, Commander Euro Forces, is hoping the popcorn is ready in the back.

Descending over the American foothills of the rockies

Nice view of Mt. Rainier as we approach KTCM


Its funny cause it actually looks like me a while back IRL lol


Awesome pics boss!


All in a days work… flying to Kalamata airport in Greece and fly AFT at night with @SteveSolo… and just for kicks we were escorted back to Brize by an AC-130 flown by Sq. Ldr. Plappert… my co-pilot seems a bit worried though with that 105 mm gun aimed at us 😂 pics below…😊

On approach to Kalamata…

1 disassembled RF-4E delivered for the Hellenic Air Force museum…

Getting escorted by an AC-130 over the Bristol channel…

My co-pilot doesn’t look happy 🤣🤣🤣

Our new squadron patch! 😍


Love the patch 🤣


so cool how can i join in it


@yabowen to join the GAF you will need to fill out this https://airtable.com/shrKbbrQF3dCfJXQh.


Thanks boss! 😁


A little video I made on last weeks deployment to Austria 😍😍 enjoy!


About to give away some much needed juice to @OiseauPlume flying the F-22 last night


From Scotland to England with the BULLs
@SteveSolo in the C-130 and @B4ND1T in the KC-10


Wow brilliant pic Q 😍😍😍


Some pictures from tonights AFT flight with @SteveSolo flying the C-130J and myself piloting the AC-130 😍😍😍

Hail to the beast!

Looks good with that badge on her!

In formation with Steve

I love this shot! 😍😍😍

Displaying her awesome firepower…

If you want to fly this awesome machine join GAF today!


Do we apply on the website or the apply button above with airtable?


Either one works, but the button with Airtable is faster, so you don’t have to go to the website.


BULL freight returning to Brize Norton


BULL06 of 47 Squadron 2 Group over the Mediterranean at sunset returning to the UK from delivering supplies to Cyprus.


Great pics Steve! Happy to have you on board in the squadron!


Thanks BANDIT. It’s been an amazing first week. Absolutely loved every minute. You and the Boys have been awesome and great fun too. Thank you 🙏


This looks very interesting, I just have two questions:

Is there a advised amount of flying to do in a certain period of time?

How can I apply to preferably fly the KC-10?