IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”


Btw what aircraft do you prefer?


I think I said F-22… or F-16. Honestly I’ll fly anything


Oh man you should join swamp foxes after training they need more people 😉


Good afternoon, I can review your application tonight, I apologize for the delay.




Haha thanks!


As the first part of our week long deployment ends for 47 squadron we are looking back on 2 beautiful days of flying. We hope you enjoy these pictures as well. And if you really like to fly C-130’s you should consider joining the best squadron in GAF.

‘Crash’ B4ND1T

47 squadron pilots @Benjwri @AdamCallow @DadaBull and myself rolling out for a mission. Unfortunatly @Andrey_Wing had to stay behind…

@Benjwri leading the pack towards a low level drop!

@DadaBull climbing out of EHKD for a SAR mission on the North Sea.

In flight over the North sea and the Dutch “wadden” islands.

@AdamCallow on approach after a succesful mission.


It’s been a great deployment so far! Thanks for organising it.


You are most welcome mate!


The 77th Fighter squadron is TDY to KCOS this week with expected reinforcements joining for Exercise WILDERNESS FRONT taking place at Fort Carson. Aircraft are also being spun up on high altitude maneuvers by flying through the vast Colorado Rockies range. Above are captured shots from their activities.


I’m really interested in joining I’ve applied are you still recruiting?


Beautiful pictures Andrew! 😍


We are always recruiting mate! Do you have any idea yet of what type of airplane you want to fly for us?


I’m hoping to fly the Kc-10 or a10 would be great!


Good morning, you can expect contact from me shortly, I am reviewing your application now.




HISSSSSSSSSS. We are coming for you!


2 Dragons from the 357th join in a close air support exercise joining the 77th down in the Rockies


As the 2nd part of the deployment draws to a close we bid farewell to Austria and it’s beautiful alpine airports.

Below are some of the pictures we took:

BULL01 approaching the Austrian city of Innsbruck and it’s gorgeous airport 😍

Short runway at LOGT

Ready to drop some freight 👋

Beautiful scenery at LOGI 😎

It never gets boring…😍

Room with a view…

Taxiing in at Innsbruck’s LOWI airport with @Andrey_Wing after we flew the famous 08 approach

BULL01 and BULL02 on the ramp at LOWI.

And finishing off a great deployment with a nice fighter escort over France on the way back to Brize!


What an amazing deployment. Perfect time for new recruits to come join 2 Group/47 Squadron eh!


Can somewone of the staff contact me over here? I cant get on slack anymore.

Tnnx already.



@SteveSolo and @B4ND1T doing beautiful assault landings at Brize