IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”


Dude you may try, will be happy to see you in 47th 😁


Good morning Jack, I will be happy to go over your application I will Pm you shortly.




Mate, we would be more than happy to have you in 47 squadron flying the Herc. I am commander of the squadron, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM 😊


Ever feel like you just need some Space? For when you need that out of this world experience. 😉


Heheheheh. We have a 7th Generation Fighter it seems 😂


What has 2 Group GAF been busy doing?

For us it’s all about cooperation between our component Squadrons

The Herc drivers of 47 Sq needed new planes from the US. So 10 Sq flew them over. 7400 miles round trip. No problem

2 Group: For the patient, the mature, the pilot who enjoys the finer things in life and doesn’t just want to pretend to be a Fighter Jock.


KC-10 of 10 Squadron in the early dawn over the mid-Atlantic


Paradise in the Azores after three hours of water

Time for a night at a beach resort!


Very nice indeed sir! 😍😍


And not to forget perform aerial refuel to thirsty aircraft!


Passing the Azores at 30.000 feet. Off the left wing you can see Lajes field on the Isle of Terceira 😍😍


How can anyone see that and not immediately apply to join 2 Group GAF??


Very easily😂😂😂


Shush Westcott you’re just scared you would flunk our AFT. 🤣🤣


Oh I would smash your AFT😂😂😂


Speaking of AFT… here’s a couple of guys about to depart on an AFT mission which includes search and rescue and dropping of a liferaft and rescue swimmer.


Wait … you mean the same two pilots who just completed AFT and became full members of 47 Squadron and 2 Group tonight? NICE.


I’m definitely going to apply! I hope to be in my country’s Air Force in the next two years, so this would be really cool.


You are correct mate! 😉


Nice! We are happy to have you in GAF! 👍👍


Two Vipers from the 77th Fighter Squadron arrive at KCOS to support exercises taking place at Fort Carson next week. These exercises are in preparation for an upcoming deployment. Look for the 77th FS and C130s from the 71st Rescue Sq based out of KVAD in the Colorado Springs area all next week. Feel free to drop in and observe.


I applied five days ago and I got no response :(