IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”


Awesome! Thank you very much mate 😁😁


Sent a registration email to GAF they said a recruiter will be with you in 72 hours or so and it’s been about 2 weeks since I sent that email


Okay, thanks. by response do you mean the email I recieved? I seemed to be automated, saying that my registration at https://hq-ifae.com/gaflive had been accepted.

So I have to fly into EGVN (Nice short flight), it seemed to say it has to be completed in the TBM, is that right?


Lol he’s flying over Morocco in the first pic and Mauritania in the 2nd (no scenery there) 🤣🤣 right @DadaBull?


You can always join us in 47 squadron mate… we fly the mighty Herc! Give me a shout if you are interested matey 😁


Thank you I’ll think


You join one squadron at a time so choose which airframe you prefer (C17 or Herc) and once you’ve flown that for 100 hours then your squadron commander can approve cross training. Either way you’ll be in 2 Group so you’ll get a really good idea of what the other two squadrons there do and I encourage all Group pilots to cross qualify as soon as possible. Look forward to seeing you soon. Chat me on Slack or @B4ND1T and we can give you way more detail.


You’re right (but then again you knew …)


Are you in the US or Europe sir?


Can I be a part of IFAE-GAF and be a member of other VA’s?


Your basic training at EGVN will be in the TBM but you can fly your own aircraft in (I believe … it’s been a little while!)

Congrats on joining Euro Division.


Yes. Many of us are in more than one.


Training Over KRND! Inbound to KSKF!


I’m from the US :)


Escorting a KC-10 on a refuel mission over the UK 😍😍


492nd Fighterwing Lakenheath

Short interval takeoff from EGUL

Cursing cross country formation

Landing at the beach of RAF Pembrey Sands at high crosswinds

@Scott_Ellis_Paddon joined in with ground support crew

Climb out

And the low level ride back to base with @AdamCallow in close formation

Just another day of the A-10 Europe section of GAF.

If your interested in flying a high agile and excellent equipped airframe in high professional enviroment you can join us!


IFOperations really help !


Unfortunatly this isnt available on android yet. 😥😥😥


No. 1 Gp - Air Combat Wing

Swift to Attack

1 Gp operates out of 3 airbases across the UK to deliver world beating air combat expertise in air to air and air to ground operations. Our teams specialise in select areas before applying to cross qualify. Air to Air combat exercises & Close Air Support operations using real world tactics, techniques and procedures with the documentation to help guide you as we bring you another level of realism all help make 1Gp the very pinnacle of fast jet and A10 flying.

To join this team of dedicated pilots, visit the thread and see if you have what it takes to become the very best you can be.

Air Commodore
AOC No. 1 Group - Swift to Attack


Alright lads, I applied probably about 10 days ago now on the website and haven’t had a reply, just applied to that other website aswell, I put down preferred aircraft as f-16, too late to change it to RAF herc instead??