IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”


Outstanding! have you read the reporting instructions in our thread? Also have you been added to Slack yet?


I just got verfication you were accepted into IFAE-GAF :) my apologies for the delayed responses. Congratulations and welcome to RAAF of the IFAE-GAF.


Yes, and no. I was not added to slack.


I’ll add you into there now.


Alright. Also, I am interested in the A10. What should I do?


New thread looks great. Looking forward to using it for recruiting new pilots into the great and esteemed 47 Squadron.


Escorting @DadaBull on his SAR mission on the west coast of the UK!


Good evening IFC the Janurary newsletter is out! In this vol. we look into one of GAF’s premier No. 47 Squadron and even get some insights from the officers that man this squadron.


Awesome 1st edition for 2019 guys! 😍😍😍


Great thread guys, good luck with Red Flag and Frozen Ground sound like excellent events!


Hi guys, how can I join GAF?




I did it, 3 days ago and idk what is happening


About this*


I’m sure someone in the GAF can contact you.


I can look over your application. My apologies for the delay. I will be in touch shortly.




Thank you !


Departing Lajes field in the Azores after a delivery 😎


Blood Moon rising over England as GRIZZLY1 returns from Lajes AFB in the Azores carrying crates of Madeira wine.


I read this as “Bad moon rising” and started humming CCR lol