IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”

I can’t apply for some reason.

Send me a pm @BadPlane I’ll get you processed manually.

About a month has passed now, and I have still not received any response back after submitting my original application. I have just submitted a additional application after clicking on the new link. I presume that this was the cause of the delay or confusion as it seems as though you updated your forms. @Asneed8706 If you could confirm that you have received my application it would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!

I will have time to review the application statuses today. My apologies to all as my USAF commitments have grown over the month kinda severing my time to respond and review.


I sent the PM to you @Asneed8706

No worries. Thanks for the speedy response!

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Hello, I am very interested in joining GAF but the application is not working for me.

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@Asneed8706 will take care of your application.
Or @Scott_Ellis_Paddon I think if you’re in Europe.

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You have to be manually processed, like I am


Hey IFC,

It’s been a few weeks since we came home to No 11 Coningsby and we are getting back into the usual routine. But we need YOU to join us and help us defend the UK airspace as well as helping the other squadrons throughout the UK. Just look at these pictures from our squadron commander @OiseauPlume! I guarantee you these are amazing.

These pictures were taken during our deployment and we had to escort an Air India plane safely into Kabul. If you would like to be apart of this amazing effort then PM @Mags885 or @Scott_Ellis_Paddon they will get you through the process to join us. We cannot wait for you to join the No 11 squadron at Coningsby EGXC to fly our fighters.

Liam Kirk EAF Gp Capt of No 11 Coningsby.


Hi. I was to be manually processed and everything was fine with @Asneed8706 until i gave him my email. I have got no response for almost 3 days now. Can someone either take over or explain what is happening. Thanks.

Im sorry i cant help as i dont due US recruitment but you also have to remember that Sneed may be busy with real life. @Jarek_Sydry any help ??

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Yeah, I need to fidgure this our.

European Air Force

Our personnel have moved around a lot this week as EAF aim to increase our footprint. After our, rightfully becoming our own independent division of GAF, Euro has seen lots of change with expansion planned.

To make this a reality, we need YOU!!

EAF HQ announced yesterday, plans to stand up a second C130 squadron. The squadron will be titled 336 Sqn, RNLAF. To be commanded by our resident Dutch Commander, @B4ND1T will take command when the required infrastructure is established and personnel sufficiently trained. This is our first dual type squadron, as they will fly the C130H and KDC10 - like the real 336 do.

Several promotions have occurred as senior members stand down from com and roles, releasing a fresh batch of eager and enthusiastic commanders to show their talents. 10, 11, 47 and 492 have seen movements which have been announced in our Slack.

You will also see us highly active on the Expert Server, as our 2 Gp Air Mobility Support elements fly cargo and personnel around the world. Our 1 Gp aircraft, in post deployment recovery, begin training from home bases to hone their already established skillset. We have started to intercept and escort 2Gp aircraft as we practice our QRA procedures.

Want to be a part of our family?
Live inside GMT+/-5?
Join Euro Today



EAF Recruiting, Now!

Good Morning, and a very happy Easter to our friends. EAF is actively recruiting Fast Jet and C130 pilots to join our formidable force.

1 Group ACW squadrons, No. 11 and 492d FW are searching for F16, F22 and A10 specialists to enrol and join now. These pilots are responsible for policing European airspace, conducting close air support for troops in combat, patrols of sovereign airspace and exercising around the world. Knowledge and precision are required to fly these beautiful birds, think you have what it takes? Come and find out

With the introduction of a new C130 squadron, we open up the possibility of postings and more open choices. 47 Sqn, our already well established and leading GAF Hercules squadron operate the C130J and AC130 out of RAF Brize Norton. 336 Sqn is still yet to stand up to full operational capability but is set to reach Initual Operational Capability in the next couple of weeks, this squadron will operate the C130H and EC130H alongside the KDC10. Think you have what it takes to fly our workhorse? Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough.

European Air Force - Together, United, As One.


57th Fighter wing is now open for enrollment guys! Come fly with us! F16 and F22 combat training classes start soon! Get a slot, while the slots are hot!!! Contact me @ltcol Larson in slack if you are interested!


The GAF USAF has reorganized it’s Fighter squadrons Under the 57th Virtual Wing. If fighters are your desire come join the 57th V Wing we have a spot waiting for you. Ask how you can join and train to become tomorrows warfighter.


IFC! GAF-EAF are recruiting C-17 pilots to join 99 Sqr at RAF Brize Norton. If you live in Europe and want to fly this beautiful aircraft all around the globe then send me a message! Come and join the best organisation and fly the biggest beaut in the inventory. Transporting MBT’s and oversize cargo is our bread and butter at 99 Sqr but we also have a emergency humanitarian aid team that can be ready to deploy in 24h for the call to help wherever aid is needed. We have a C-17 fitted out as a hospital that can be a transit or semi permanent hospital in theatre or on aid missions. We also preform air drops of personnel and equipment so you’ll have plenty to do and a great variety! Here’s a few shots of myself in the C-17 around Brize Norton and leaving Cyprus. I hope to see some of you soon in 99 sqr 😁


Dear IFVARB, How can I apply for this VA?

You can apply here. Just fill it out and one of our recruiters will contact you. Cheers!



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