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Been a real pleasure acting as the first Regional Combatant Commander for GAFs joint force deployment to Afghanistan. I focused on bringing a new vision to GAF deployments and showing a new, innovative way of executing around the world.

No more do we rely on imaginary products, only global supply chains keep our frontline aircraft fighting fit and with enough munitions and fuel to execute daily operations.

For now, my time is up and I hand over to Clay Alders, my US counterpart to take over the reigns. I look forward to seeing it develop even further upon my inevitable return.

Global Air Force - the VO that brings reality to the simulation.

General Mags885
Air Officer Commanding 1 Grp,
European Air Force.


The F22’s killing it during their training exercises against the F16.



If you looked at LiveFlight today you would have seen numerous pilots of 2 Group heading south for Harare as we begin immediate relief efforts to assist civilians caught by Cyclone Idai. Pilots from the 10th and 99th squadrons are flying supplies and medical personnel to Harare while the 47th makes its way to Harare to begin relief ops into small airfields in Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique.

Join the European Forces of GAF and help your fellow man all around the world.


USAF division announces opening of humanitarian aid missions to Mozambique 🇲🇿 and all affected areas of Southern Africa from Cyclone Idai. please see attached Air Support Tasking Order (ASTO) for further details. Effective 20 Mar 2019.


From training straight into missions. Look at these all American F22 pilots! We had one person who wants to be GAF, why not sign up and join us in the skies instead of watching from behind?!


USAF prepares to stand up combat air forces to OAIX. F22s from the 57th FTW and FA-16Cs from the 157th FS as well as A-10Cs from the 357th FS will deploy to Afghanistan to support ISAF operations.


Fighter Jets of the No. 11 EAF squadron are still deployed to conduct surveillance over sensitive Afghanistan regions.

Kabul AFB is also a commercial airport and regularly receives civilian passengers. Sometimes it happens that those flights happens during Ops. It’s always nice to follow them down to the runway and to make some pictures :^)



All pending and current applicants and recruiters please be advised we are suspending applications while we undergo consolidation of resources to a single entry process. Please be advised and remain patient we will resume intake once consolidation is complete.

Thank you in advance from GAF Coalition Command.


We are back to accepting applications. Due to circumstances we will no longer be using the airtable forms. We have instead chosen to consolidate into one entry process using the following form.

What does this mean for me? If you have applied using airtable and not received a response you will need to complete this form. Our recruiters will only be reviewing this form effective 23 March 2019.

Thank you for your paitence and understanding through this transistion.


GAF Coalition Command


Yes plz


GAF Euro of all types fly in unison, to defeat the enemy, to transport cargo & supplies or to simply take my Vegas themed “Pimp Jet”* on a road show. Our world is limitless, our realism unmatched.

GAF - European Air Force is currently deployed across the world, providing aid in Africa, providing air support in Afghanistan and negotiating contracts, new training procedures and designing increased realism as EAF moves forward.

We are calling on all European pilots, if you want to fly;

  • F-22 Raptors & F16 Fighting Falcon, we have those.
  • KDC10 Air to Air Refuellers and personnel transport , we have those.
  • C130J Tactical Air Lift, we have those.
  • C17 Globemaster Air Lift, we have those.
  • A10 Warthogs to provide Close Air Support while under fire? We have those.

EAF provides all types of support, movement and fun.

Maybe your time is now, maybe the time is EAF

General 1 Gp,
European Air Force

Disclaimer* - The Pimp Jet is nicknamed this due to my callsign of Yankee, which came about during my 4 week trip to the US.


May have to correct that disclaimer …


And C-17’s !!!


Basically I talk about my Vegas themed aircraft, and lose interest 🤣

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The Global Air Force is proud yet once again to host Red Flag. This year we will be hosting in Alaska, the GAF is currently looking for other Virtual Militaries to come and participate. Red Flag will teach you how to dog fight on IF, conduct joint operations with other VMs, along with multiple events.
If you are a VM interested please private message me for more information!


Hot of the presses from overseas. The IFAE GAF remains committed to supporting Afghanistan. Enjoy the SANDBOX.


Is it just me or the application link doesn’t work?

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Some more inter squadron coöperation…

While being airborne in the KDC-10 and providing Pilot Officer Adri with some fuel during his AFT flight I got a radio call from @MaximV asking me for a refuel. Below you can see them both behind the tanker…

And another busy day today also delivering AGM-88 missiles to Aviano Air base in northern Italy. Below you can see me departing with the beautiful Alps in the background.

After a sunset approach into Brize Norton I was accompanied by BULL02 @Benjwri who landed shortly behind me…

With regards,



Hello IFC I am Col. Yearwood a C-17 Pilot for 99 Sqr part of 2 group Air Mobility and Support wing on the EAF side of GAF. Here’s a few shots of the C-17 in action. If you live in Europe and would like to fly this beaut of an aircraft all around the world doing cargo runs, humanitarian aid work and air drops, speak to the OC @Scott_Ellis_Paddon or myself @Sjyearwood and join one of the best organisations available on IF


Hey everyone who’s checking out this amazing thread of our Military! Captain Noah from the 10 Squadron here!

I have achieved my 100th hour in the KC10, or DC10F, KDC10, KC10 Extender or whatever you call it :) I love this aircraft. I’m gonna train now for the C130, the beautiful aircraft from 47 Squadron.

I wouldn’t have made it without European Air Forces (We got independence from GAF and still in the same VO though), 10 Squadron at Brize Norton! Thanks all 2 Group members also!

Always flying with Air Force Beyond Borders!

Here’s some pictures of the 10 Squadron, our missions, cargo and Aerial Refueling.

(Will post more photos once at home)