IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”


Some pictures from todays route to Kabul International with 175 very eager troops in the back!

Beautiful fog covered mountains over Slovakia

Hitting the Georgian coast after flying over the Black Sea…

In the distance the beautiful snow covered mountains of Kabardia-Balkaria in Georgia 😍😍

On approach to OAKB (Kabul Int’l) to deliver Army soldiers.

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Sunset mountains near OAKB en route to collecting Norwegian special forces from Mazar-I-Sharif (OAMS). @Viking


Just a East Coast Patrol.


Following the level of hostility reported in Afghanistan, the US forces were deployed to help out the Euro Forces in regaining control. Below are some of the hundreds of pictures taken of our patrol of the area.

Do you want to be apart of the fun? Join the 357th Fighter Squadron upon applying or ask to pilot the A-10.

Big thanks to @Ryan_Vidad, the 92nd Air Refueling Squadron and the other GAF pilots who took the time out to be apart of this exercise.


The Euro section of GAF entered Afghan Airspace some days ago.

It’s a long trip for the thirsty A-10s

Late arrival to OAKB, the A-10s got some company:

If you want to fly the A-10 in an outstanding team join the GAF Euro Squadron!


Interested in flying the most diverse of the GAF airframes? Like airdropping a unit from 23 SAS on to an enemy controlled airport?

Apply to IFAE-GAF European Forces and tell your recruiter that 47 Squadron, 2 Group is the place for you.


Nice to see those black and white pics!


Compass Call/ELINT has arrived in the Afghanistan theatre of operations

Another one of 47 squadrons opportunities is to fly Compass Call aircraft. If you want this unique chance as well apply today!

See no evil, hear no evil!

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It is not magic…

… just freedom of pitching up looking at the sky getting darker with altitude, freedom to recover and admire the beauty of Georgia.

EAF XI (F) Squadron, HAVOC 1


I got a WW2 vibe off the last shot flying right over the airfield so went black and white.


As GAF forces continue the coalition build up in preparation for operations against Taliban forces in Afghanistan, the 92nd Aerial Refueling Squadron assisted with duel aerial refueling/airlift support to Kandahar - delivering US troops and equipment into potentially hostile territory. During this particular mission, insurgent forces were reported in the area, posing a danger to the aircrew and 75 servicemen and women inbound for OAKN. Due to the quick response of the 357th Fighter Squadron, the A-10s provided peace of mind by escorting the KC-10 on final approach, which delivered the troops and equipment safely.

Want to be a part of the effort and demonstrate why the KC-10 earns the nickname “Extender”? Apply to join the 92nd ARS today!


I sent my application in about a week ago. May someone please look into this for me or help me get in touch with whom I need to? Thanks


Check your PM box.If a PM regarding the application isnt there you shall get on soon from @Asneed8706


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Good to see you again. Understandably, Andrew is often times busy with the real world military thus making it difficult for him to get back to you as soon as possible. I will message him in the slack for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have been checking my PM, nothing yet. I’ll keep waiting. People do happen to be busy :) Thanks @Tajay_White!


The USAF divison has begun to start training pilots in new curriculum based off of real USAF directives. Under the 57th Fighter Group we will start accepting officers who are qualifying into the A-10 F-16 and F-22. Below are a few screenshots from our LAO (Local Area Orientation) flight at KLSV home for these students for the next two weeks.


Practicing some touch and goes at KLSV


Some more shots from tonight’s fun at KLSV. Shout out to Infinite Flight for this amazing replay system. Let’s you capture that perfect shot!

Last photo is edited just a touch lol.


No two planes are the same


I applied last night! Looking forward to hearing back :)