IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”


Yeah I see you guys are intercepting us in fighters… is that friendly or do we need to send our own fighters after you 😉😉


Completely friendly, we’ve been flying between Brize and ENZV Stavanger (Norway) Would like to have good relations with GAF 🇳🇴


I could also fly C130’s if anyone needs me


Where are you from? If you are in the US that might be good to note as the 71st is always looking ofr new C130 Pilots!


I’m a Texan through and through, so can I be a refueler in the 92nd and a C130 pilot in the 71st?


@BadPlane it is indeed possible. You will have to satisfy the minimum hours in your initial airframe then you can enquire about another airframe. This is called multi-certification.


Hi, If someone able to edit the application is available the KC-10 still isn’t in the primary aircraft request


Royal Netherlands Air Force Herc flying close to his home country


All in a day’s work for 2 Group Pilots qualified in more than one airframe:

Refuelling senior leadership over the North Sea

Turning to final on approach to Lossiemouth RAF base carrying maintenance equipment for our fighter squadron

Contact me if you want to fly the KC-10, C-130, AC-130, or C-17 for the European Air Forces in GAF.


Let me take you guys on a journey we fly regularly to Cyprus.

Let’s call it a day with Wing Commander B4ND1T 😉

We arrived at RAF Brize Norton this morning at 0700 zulu and grabbed a quick cup of coffee at our posh mess ☕


After that we visited the base METAR and started our pre flight creating a flight plan and doing our walk around of the plane. After a nice take off from RAF Brize Norton we flew east towards the Alps.

Turned South towards the Adriatic sea with again spectacular sights…

We turned east again when we reached the southern most tip of the Greek mainland… thats the famous city of Sparta behind us by the way basking in all it’s glory…

After a further uneventful flight to RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus we unloaded the army troops and the few pallets of cargo we brought there. After loading some backhaul pallets for RAF Brize Norton we departed Cyprus again heading West…

Flying westward we passed the Greek island of Crete on our port wing…

Turned North again flying along a beautiful Adriatic coastline…

I always like to fly over my home country on the way back so below you see us catching the last glimpse of sunlight while flying over the Dutch coast in the direction of the UK…

Before we knew it we were on final approach at RAF Brize Norton…

After we parked the aircraft and had our debriefing it was time for a late dinner in our posh mess again before returning home…

If you are reading this and want to be a part of our exclusive club of pilots who see these kind of views daily join us today!!

Regards, Wg Cdr B4ND1T


Combined GAF Coalition Air Forces are being deployed to Afghanistan.

Military aircraft from all around the globe are starting to arrive at Kabul.

An air bridge between UK and Kabul for supplies to build a hospital provides a continuous supply chain for the contractors completing the hospital.

Tactical take-offs and landings are mandatory. There are hostile forces in the area.

Round the clock supply, reconnaissance and patrols sorties are required.

“Mission accomplished…returning to base.”

Join GAF now and be part of one of the biggest GAF deployments in recent times.

F/O Steve Solo, 47 Squadron, 2 Group, Euro Forces


While our mate are deployed, Air policing is still active over North Sea.

Earlier today, aircrafts entering a virtual airspace were intercepted by a No. 11 Squadron F22. All that was made in respect of other pilots by maintaining a safe distance and not interfering with pilot’s field of view (cockpit view).


Beautiful Scotland 🤩


Beautiful pics mate!


71st Rescue Squadron

This week, many aircraft have been deployed to Southwest Asia to assist operations in Afghanistan. GAF Major Aceorbit of the 71st Rescue Squadron and Moody AFB has been one of the pilots deployed. On his journey over the Atlantic, he had to make a refueling stop with the AC130 in the Western United Kingdom, after which he continued on his way. This is a picture of him over Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

The 71st is looking for C130 pilots to join our squadron, dealing in disaster relief, cargo operations, and combat operations. Open to all GAF US members.


Beautiful sundown in Afghanistan 😍


Off I go to war again … flying my first love the Herc from EGVN to OAKB with an overnight stop en route.




Nice pics boss!!