IFAE-Global Air Forces “Air Power Beyond Borders”




Message from current Chief of Staff Global Air Forces

The IFAE Global Air Force Division (GAF) is a dedicated organization of the most advanced network of military pilots within Infinite Flight. We are the military branch of the elite IFAE. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the dedication our pilots show. "Excellence in all we do” is more than a catch phrase. It is one of three pillars that represent our core values. All of our officers and pilots play a key role of strategic necessity from the most junior officers to our General officers corps. Our emphasis is on the value and worth of our pilots, as they serve as the organizational heartbeat of the IFAE-GAF. We lead from the back ensuring no airmen is left behind while looking ahead to the future, planning and preparing to meet the objectives of today and beyond.We are teachers and mentors in all domains of military aviation. We learn from each other and grow from our shared experiences. We fly, fight and win together. One vision, one team, one fight, one family.

signed General Andrew M Sneed GAF CSAF



@art_martinez President and Commander in Chief GAF U.S.
@Doug_Hamilton Vice President
@nmasterson Director Global Airfrorces Cyber Infrastructures

Global Air Forces HHQ U.S. Command

@Asneed8706 GAF U.S. Chief of Staff CALLSIGN: GAF01
@Dubya Director GAF U.S. Operations
@Darius_Glover Commander Air Education Training Command image
Air Combat Command image

ACC Squadrons

357th Fighter Squadron image
157th Fighter Squadron image
57th Fighter Group

@Henry_Clay_Aalders Commander Air Mobilty Command

AMC Squadrons

@tomthetank Commander 71st Rescuse Squadron image
@Brian_Beaupre Commander 92nd Air Refueling Squadron92d_Air_Refueling_Squadron
@Jarek_Sydry Commander 6th Air Lift Squadronimage
89th Airlift Wing ‘The Presidents Own’ image

Global Air Forces Joint European Command

@Scott_Ellis_Paddon Marshall Joint European Forces
@DadaBull Wing Commander No. 47 Squadronimage
@OiseauPlume Wing Commander No. 11 Squadronimage
@booster45 Wing Commander No.10 Squadron image
@Mags885 Wing Commander 492nd FW

@Jeno_Farkas Group Captain No. 3 Flying Training Squadron image
@Scott_Ellis_Paddon Marshall No. 99 Squadron image

Global Air Forces AUS Command

@Jacob_Pevere Marshall RAAF

357th Medium Airlift Squadron image

The Fleet

GAF Aircraft inventory

B737 BBJ
B747 VC-25
Citation X
TBM-930 (Trainer)

image Commission requirements


Must be in good standing with IFC and IFVARB
Must be Age 13 and above
Must be Grade 3 -5 with access to Expert server
Note you do not have to be a member of IFAE to join GAF. However, all basic training is waived for IFAE certified candidates wishing to cross into IFAE-GAF.

image Contact/apply to IFAE-GAF

IFAE-GAF Application Form

image IFAE-GAF Command center

imageIFAE-GAF Facebook

image Training expectations


Prior to being brought into SLACK and any other communications. Recruiters will ensure recruit has flown to the basic training location. (NEW!)Candidates will fly Cesna Citation X. While in basic status cadets must fly TBM-930. Officers will receive their primary aircraft at their AFT (Advanced Flight Training) base. Cadets will then be brought into slack channel #gaf_academy as basic training channel as well as the respective training squadron channel to include other communication(s) as (Discord) ONLY after having completed reporting instructions & registering on command center. Additionally after reporting complete, recruiter will approve member’s profile. U.S. UFT pilots will report to KRND (Randolph Air Force Base) (EGVN RAF Brize Norton) or (YSRI Richmond RAAFB) (NEW!) Candidates will then complete a practical flight examination aptitude test. The test will be conducted by basic GAF instructor(s) and candidates must pass with an 85% or higher. If a cadet misses a question the instructor and student will go over the missed question(s) to ensure comprehension is achieved. A retest can be scheduled within three business day. Once the cadet has passed the practical exam they will be moved into the flight testing phase of training. This phase consists of THREE standard training sorties.

NOTE: basic training requirements may vary based on division assignment please check with your instructor.

NOTE: recruits and current GAF pilots are eligible for selection into IFAE. Acceptance is based on performance. GAF does not guarantee selection into IFAE. IFAE civil and Military remain stand-alone orgs.

Basic Graduation and pilot/aircraft certification courses.

After a cadet concludes basic pilot training the officer will fly to their pilot certification course location (if applicable). Once the pilot has checked in to their course they will fly all assigned training missions to graduate the course and be assigned to their primary squadron. Failure to meet training requirements could result in washback to another course. This will be determined by the instructor.


IFAE GAF hosts several large exercises a year to include RED FLAG image & FROZEN GROUND held in the Baltic’s. As 2019 gets underway we are looking into expanding our participation in real world exercises, traninings and deployments to locations all around the world. We also be hosting more open recruiting events and alliance events with our partner VA’s & VO’s for the IFC as well. So if you are looking to get a preview of what awaits you in the IFAE GAF please feel free to join our events.

image Our Affiliations & Alliances




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Very nice new page! Proud to be a part of GAF!


Definitely happy to have you on board! And I am excited for 2019 and what we will do together.


I may join. Always did like the A-10. However I do have other commitments.


We would be happy to have you with us. I definitely can understand if you have other commitments. Our Airlift might be up your alley you can still fly with GAF and gain a lot of flight hours with heavies doing long hauls. Just something to think about. Cheers!


Loving that new thread! Keep up the great work!


I am apart of IFGN. I do want to shoot for a stunt or demo team. I do enjoy a good demo.


You can’t join GAF just because Demo Teams are there. Being a part of these select few pilots means you have shown good leadership, and have experience. And a lot of it.


Oh awesome, we do have a number of demonstration squadrons, however in the off season our pilots return back to their host squadrons. You can contact @DeltaMD88Fan for further information she is our demonstration squadron commander for the IFAE-GAF.


Yeah me too… already working on a bunch of stuff within 47 squadron to make this year a record breaking one in cargo hauls. I also want to say a big thanks for using a couple of pics of mine of the mighty Herc 😊😁


No problem @B4ND1T you got some killer shots! Definitely looking forward to more. :)


This is both IFAE and GAFs thread?


Negative while IFAE and IFAE-GAF are under the same banner this is the military/Air Force arm only. I can neither confirm nor deny that the commercial side of the house has something planned. Just have to stay tuned. 😶


I knew that. I just wanted to aim for it. I do have interests in GAF for close air support and ground support such as the A10. @Asneed8706


Thank you sir, I do my best 😊

Here’s one from this week 😋


@Asneed8706 Expect my aplication!


No one is approving me :(


Proud to be a Herc driver at the 71st! 💪


I just got accepted. What should I do now?


approving application ??