IFAE Global Air Forces - 89th Airlift Squadron

Hello all!

I’m here to tell you more about our 89th Airlift Squadron as part of GAF.

About us!

Within GAF, 89th Airlift Squadron was set up in 2017 by the main man @art_martinez the CEO of IFAE and IFAE GAF along side his COO @Doug_Hamilton.

Today, 89th is still operating with an amazing line of full time pilots for the Squadron!

We are based at KADW, Joint Base Andrews. Located in Washington DC, United States of America.

What we do!

At 89th Airlift Squadron we are the team who fly POTUS, Vice presidents, US government officials…etc and some stuff we had to kill you if we told you about 😆.

We have a range of aircraft which we’ll get to shortly…😁.

Usually Art and Doug are very busy with other work outside of Infinite Flight, so currently Andrew Sneed (@Asneed8706) puts a lot of his time to keep our Squadron going 24/7, 365 days a year! We’d like to give our special thanks to him ❤!

Our Fleet!

The Cessna Citation X
This little bird does alot of work for our Squadron! Mainly used for visit of our commanders visiting other VAs and VOs. She maybe small, yet she does alot of work!

The Boeing B737 - C40B
A modified 737 used for many different roles within GAF and in the real life 89th Airlift. She too does alot of work and is flying daily!

The Boeing B757 - C32A
This modified B757 is mainly used to fly the vice president of America in the Real World. Within GAF our VP is @Doug_Hamilton as mentioned in the introduction. This aircraft too flys weekly! Not many people enjoy flying the 757, but flying this one is something special!

We also have The B757 - C32B
Again another modified 757 which is used to transport Government officials!

And finally…

The one you’ve been waiting for!

The Boeing B747 VC-25A
The big queen of the fleet in 89th! As you know, this bird flys the POTUS or in GAFs case, @art_martinez!

However, there are only 3 of use who fly this queen, Myself @George_Flack, Art and Doug
You may see me the most in the skies using Air Force 1 as the callsign, so keep your eyes out!

So thank you for taking your time to find out more about our 89th Airlift Squadron within GAF!

Please Check out our Instagram page:

And if you wish to join GAF click here:

Best regards,
GAF colonel George Flack


Any Squadron Updates will be posted here!

We look forwards to showing you what work we do!

Question - are individual units of VAs allowed their own threads? I’ve never seen something like this before.

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I don’t see what the problem is? So I’m going to say yes, yes we can have our own threads.

C-40 flying daily. That kinda sums up my flight schedule for this week. 😅

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It sure does!

2 different times…
Our VC25 landing at KADW

Makes a great Instagram puzzle too!

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Not really sure about if this is allowed, while this VA/VO is approved. Your squadron isn’t approved. Unfortunately I don’t think you are allowed to post on the category.

So I should change the category?

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Yet one of our other squadrons is!

Per IFVARB policy- VA threads should only be posted by their respective staff teams, and VAs only can have one thread. That being said, threads like this are not allowed.

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Ill change it too that category then

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Flack this is hilarious we were talking about this in a thread earlier today 😂. It should be in the other category but I just don’t see the need to be rude in saying that. Good shots brother!

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I know bro…better than yours 😂. Jk. I dont edit any of my posts! Just leave them to show the beauty of Infinite Flight…just wait until we get clouds

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I don’t edit mine either.

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