IFAE GAF - Global Air Forces | Stay Home, Stay Safe. [Official Thread]

All units departing LCRA on the heat of the Mediterranean region.

There is team work, organisation but mostly a lot of fun happening in the group!

But I’m not the best at testimonials so I’ll let the images speak from themselves.

C-130 loading the rest of the personnel, a fan on to cool down the apron I guess…

Big birds getting ready to lift up more tons than I could count

insert engine roar

petrol station with the best donuts in the sky, allegedly

pointy nose with gifts to deliver


Yes yes we need more of this. Thanks again for sharing brother. Salute to our military.

Some of the deployments that the Global Air Forces and European Air Forces do are some of the best! I flew a C130 along with 3 other C130 pilots, a KDC-10, 3 F16’s, 3 C17’s and 3 A10’s last night! Some of the best fun in years I’ve had

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That definitely sounds like fun.

It certainly is!

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You know it for sure. Tell a friend


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