IFAE GAF - Global Air Forces | Stay Home, Stay Safe. [Official Thread]

Yesterday SAR operation executed by the Euro air forces over the North Sea.

3 pilots from the No. 11 Squadron
2 pilots from the No. 47 Squadron
1 pilot from the No. 10 Squadron



Today at EAF we practiced some formation flying with formations such as the Vic and also had a go at the Run-and-Break at EGVN.

This was in preparation for the event on January 3rd in which all forces will combine to host a flyover.

Here are some photos from the exercise sent in from @AryaTheLivingMeme:


Absolutely beautiful!

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Here is a few photos from a training with @BostonStrongWill

he is the C130J-30 and I am the C-130J


A couple of photos from Zorro Formation Flight today me and @AceCorba headed north to do some low level training around the Lake District (LFA17) before climbing away from the coast of the UK towards the Isle of Man and completed AAR with @GeorgeD on AAR Track 13.

Apologies about the dark photos (if you click on them they should get brighter)

Photos taken by: @GeorgeD

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From having been in GAF before the Command Center was a thing, i have seen the CC get created, used and adapt over the last 3 years it has been in service with us while GAF has continued to move forward. Many people have come and gone and many great events and flights have happened.

It is a great pleasure in announcing that GAF has now logged over 17000 PIREPS on the Command Centre.

With this, we have flown over 18000000 miles

Completed over 16000 flights

Flown over 54000 Hours

All this together as ONE organisation

Well done to every single one of you pilots from our newbies who have just started flying with us all the way up to our longest serving members who are still with us today !!!

Lt. Gen Scott ‘Marylou’ Cooper


D A M N! You guys are definitely ready for the gulag.

Kidding, congratulations to all of you. I’m not the biggest fan of GAF, but it’s astronomical to see what you have done. (And to be honest, you guys fly under the radar a lot, all things consider, and pun intended)


Thank you for your support, i know not everyone is fans of GAF but it is still awesome to see the support when we get it. You are very correct in that we go unnoticed a lot.

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I mean, with pretty much everbody in the F-22, it makes sense.

I’m looking at @DeltaMD88Fan and @Nate_Schneller.


Just for some real numbers after reading the convo above. In the USAF at least, we have just as many KC, C130 and C17 pilots as we do 22 and 16 pilots. So we are all pretty balanced at the moment. I am only completing my 6 month with the GAF and find it to be a very fun group of individuals and some of the changes and improvements that have been made the past 30 - 90 days have bared a lot of fruit and an increase in membership. Been a great place to call home along with some of the other VO’s I fly for, and have enjoyed the challenges.

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It’s a running joke between a few people. The joke is that everyone in GAF uses the F-22, because whenever you really see someone who is in GAF, they are typically in an F-22.

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Ac130 start up noises heard in the background

Expect a strafing run at your location within the next few hours

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