IFAE GAF - Global Air Forces | Happy 21.1 IF! [Official Thread]

We will update you when we can get to you, thank you for your patients and we will be in contact ASAP.


Lt. Gen Scott Paddon


Thank you sir @Skyler.Cooper

Thanks I also applied about 2-3 days ago!
Can’t wait to hear back from you guys.
Keep up the good work.

Same, can’t wait but I don’t want to pressure them into reading my application since they do have lives and all. 🙃

just saw this is GAF i applyed for IFAE lol

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lol 😂 that’s funny

Notice to Airmen

GAF aircraft on deployment to Middle East

You may notice increased activity ivo LCRA, OOTH and OTBH. GAF asks for your increased awareness when operating in and around these aerodromes and for you to follow known approach and departure procedures.

Please follow local arrival and departure procedures detailed below or follow published plates iaw local procedures.

Failure to ensure GAF are aware of your intended arrival or departure may make you subject to interception by live armed fighter jet aircraft iaw our local security measures. To alert GAF of your intentions please reply on this thread.

Live armed aircraft will be operating at all levels from surface within the national boundaries of Iraq, Syria & Yemen. Your diligence is appreciated.

Yours in Service,

Supreme Allied Commander Europe
GAF Joint Force HQ


I applied…


We will get back to you as soon as we can :)


It’s well worth the wait, I can assure you of that. I joined them a while ago and graduated into my squadron last week and I’ve been having a blast. See you in the skies :)


Kabul is open on Expert server, if any Forces are based there :)

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Global Air Forces News

Anti IS Operations placed on hold as Turkish AF engage

GAF forces launched their first mission into Syria on Monday, using approved flight plans with Turkish Government waivers the aircraft entered Turkish airspace where they were greeted by Turkish F16 aircraft who pursued and attempted to engage GAF fighters. These attacks have continued and GAF has declared Turkey an enemy state until the true enemy is identified. Supreme Allied Commander Europe @Mags885 said, "Unfortunately the circumstances we have faced mean we are placing Operations Accolade & Cobra Spring on hold until we define, deter and eliminate the forces who stand in our way. Fortunately GAF has not lost any aircraft during these aerial battles and has been successful in destroying numerous enemy fighters". When asked about the number GAF have shot down, a stark reminder on the skill of GAF pilots was the reply "Yesterday our European fighters launched into Turkey to protect some C130 Cargo aircraft, they met strong resistance and successfully destroyed 6 enemy aircraft, they also crashed 3 times trying to evade our lock".

For the first time in GAF history, they have released helmet cam footage of their enemy in an attempt to identify war criminals. Anyone with information should contact IFAEGAF.


I saw this on radar. Good job to them pilots for doing the good work.

-NBSYT [GAF-Beefy4]

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Sunset at Akrotiri.


Sweet shot 🤙🏻

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Hi All

Recently made this feature, would really appreciate thoughts & feedback / votes

think every member of GAF would benefit from the T-6 Texan II


VR-206 Sqn



GAF & IFAE took over KTCM during a joint fly out event. Our team put a stress test on the runway for sure when we successfully held the first ever all C-17 elephant walk! Over 30+ aircraft showed up in force to display the awesome airlift power that the C-17 can deliverer globally at a moment’s notice. The C-17 can be found in Air Force inventories the world over and has proved she can handle nearly any job asked of her. The flight ended at KSSU and thanks to both the support from IFAE and IFATC this event was a huge success worthy of the Globemaster.

If you are looking to join the long haul squadrons of GAF and get some seat time with the titan of the skies or any other of our squadrons shoot us an application here.

Please enjoy some of the shots provided by SACUS @Asneed8706


EAF0387 performing airdrop during deployment.

You want to be a part of our Herc (C130) Squadron? Join us here!

Noah, Group Captain of 47 Squadron


GAF Forces Crush Opponents as Mission to Rebuild Infrastructure Begins

Tactical Airlift Assets Deliver Essential Aid after Strikes

The Global Air Force coalition worked in perfect harmony recently, as the unknown Turkish Terrorist threat was successfully eliminate at its home base. Aircraft including the A10 Warthog and F16 Fighting Falcon launched a daring strike mission on the enemy under the protection of our F22 Raptors. All formations were built of both European and US comrades who executed to their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) together in an operational mission for the first time. The objective to strike the support facilities and destroy the runway was a complete success with all but 1 target being neutralised. Once the inserted Special Ops Forces took over the airfield, the order to begin Phase 2 was made.

Phase 2 consisted of C130J, C130-30J and C17 aircraft air dropping approximately 50 pallets of supplies, including equipment to rebuild the now severely damaged runway. The coordination and management required to ensure the correct equipment landed on target was essential. Currently the runway continues to be repaired as a matter of urgency to allow Airlift aircraft freedom to manoeuvre in and out. This airfield will then serve as a logistics hub for GAF during Operations Cobra Spring (US) and Accolade (EAF).

A US C130J (foreground) and EAF C17 (background) are seen on recovery to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus after a successful mission.