IFAE GAF - Global Air Forces | Happy 21.1 IF! [Official Thread]

IFAEGAF Update: European Air Force

A successful week in the skies of Europe as EAF have conducted multiple events, operational and training flights!

Advanced Training Flights

were conducted with the students practising formation flying & air to air refuelling in the North Sea area, 2 tankers were airborne from 10 Squadron supporting RAZOR11 flight of 3 and HAVOC11 a single F22. Some great flying experience was gained.

RAZOR11 & 12 on final at Coningsby, RR13 can be seen ahead observing the landing.

No.3 Flying Training School

has been stood up with its new Commanding Officer being announced internally this week. The training syllabus is being written with full training including the use of VORs, NDBs and flight planning tools - not forgetting aircraft handling in our newly acquired C172 training aircraft.

2 internal events

were held, 1 flash landing competition that can be seen advertised above & a second preplanned cargo haul to ones our Forward Operating Bases. Both went off without a hitch and e look forward to next weeks schedule!


Love being a part of this VO! Great fun while flying and I gain some good flying skills!


Hey @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE. I submitted an application for Global Air Force some weeks ago, haven’t heard anything back yet. Any chance you could follow up at your convenience?



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Hi @cmurphy3748

We shall take a look at get back to you as soon as we can.


Lt. Gen Scott Paddon
IFAEGAF’s PR Officer

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Yes its that time again where we head out as a team and have some fun. This time we bring you some education also, and hope you enjoy learning part of IFs new features. We are bringing you a flight from our brand new Basic Flight Training syllabus, which will test new recruits to the absolute limits in one of IFs most advanced models - the Cessna C172.

Launch Time - Anytime between now and 2030Z, please maintain a minimum 5nm separation to the aircraft ahead.
Aircraft - C172 any livery
Server - Expert
Rules -
• GAF callsigns to be used with the exception of those with personal callsigns.
• No flight plan is to be set after takeoff, please use one for flight planning purposes only.
• 100kg of fuel is more than enough.
• Use current time to make the challenge a little more difficult.
• Career Waiver approved!

Plan your route via the VORs, set them into NAV1 & NAV2 remembering to input the headings as per your flight plan & select the appropriate source.

Once you reach GWC, you’ll have to set NDB BIA into your ADF. This allows you to find your way back to the airfield, select NAV1 onto ADF, input the heading and switch source to NAV1 when applicable.

Once inside 20nm, you can set the EGHH ILS into your system if you cannot recover visually.

Have fun, and see you in the skies!

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Love the thread! I applied last Wednesday and still no reply. When should I expect one? Thanks

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sent you a DM

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Got quite excited while reading over the various previous events and topics and decided to give it a shot and sign up. Hope to fly with you guys soon :)

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I just applied, when should I expect a reply?

We will get back to you shortly @LoneStarAviation

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Alright thanks! Can’t wait!

MADRAS 10 conducts AAR with HAVOC formation off the English coast before they departed for Night Formation Training.


I was HAVOC11. I’m flying nights this week. Nighttime in IF could definitely be improved. This is how it looked for me:


beautiful pictures guys !!! keep them coming !!


If I’m a prior GAF pilot is there a way to be reinstated?

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*This weeks Friday Night Flight was without a doubt sensational to sum it up. GAF came out in force and we dominated the skies. From our fighters to our Heavies we came to play and play we did. Since the formation of this organization there has always been a shared belief and bond to unite all who have a common passion for both Infinite Flight and military aviation.
Each and everyone of you make me proud and humble me as a leader. You teach me as much as I hope I teach you all. We are one team and one heart beat for military aviation in Infinite Flight. I submit this toast to our heritage of IFAE and the power, progress and continued growth of Global Air Forces. Always look to the horizon and know the skies are the limits to our potential.






The 27th FS takes off for a twilight 3 ship EAGLE flight. We won’t be kept down and we will soar past this.💪

Fly, Fight and Win!


Hey Team @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE I just applied to join, I did not get any reply for your team.

Thank you

Please give them some time, as they do have lives and cannot get to your application the minute you send it in.

Usually, you can expect a response in 24-48 hours.

@Thunderbolt I sent them 24hours ago, I understand that…everyone has lives to live. Just needed a update. That’s it.