IFAE GAF - Global Air Forces | Happy 21.1 IF! [Official Thread]

I just applied wonderful thread …😍

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Gonna send in an application tomorrow, can’t wait to patrol the coasts of The Netherlands and Ireland:)

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Just applied for the European Air Force😄


Great V/O!


@Noodle_Duck is this what you wanted?

Hey IFAE GAF, (please remove if required)

Would be great to have more IFAE GAF Members Involved, if your available

let me know if you have any questions?

VR-206 Sqn

Thank you for inviting us, we have already passed this onto our members who will join it if they would like to.




Hey GAF,

Just wanted say a thank you to the German division of GAF from FedEx Express VA for providing a surprise escort for our group flight from EDDK to LOWI last night at 19:00Z. Everyone at the event loved it. We were very impressed with your flying skills 😉

Sorry if this isn’t right but I don’t speak German…

Danke für die Begleitung


This sounds like a lot of fun! Just applied last night, can’t wait to be in the formation.


Applyed today, can’t wait to get in! (if i do get in tho)


Greetings from the Office


Hello! How long does it usually take to be contacted by a recruiter? I just applied yesterday haha

For me. It took roughly 2 days. It will come soon!

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Office is looking nice today, isn’t it?

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Yessir! 😎🤙


Formation flying practice:


Hey everyone, today is a big day.

We present to you, EAFs newest squadron , One European Squadron (1ES)

Based at LFMO, our sqaudron is based within the European mainland.

What do we fly?

The TBM-930 - A single engine turboprop capable of Intelligence, Suveillance and Reconnaissance both maritime and overland. This aircraft also performs as the Lead or Chase aircraft during Airborne firefighting operations. Our aircraft wear the French Air Force livery.

The Q400 - Operating under DRAGON callsign-- A highly maneouvrable twin turboprop aircraft used for Passenger & Cargo movements. These aircraft are able to quickly change roles due to their quick load modules. 64 passengers, during medevac ops it is capable of transporting 6 stretchers associated equipment and a full clinical team. During firefighting season, these aircraft have yet another module, our MAFFS module which allows them to drop 10,000L of retardant to help control the flames spread. Also used during Search and Rescue, our Securité Civile Q400 brings true meaning to Multi-Role.

Our C130-30J is flown in RDAF colours. Used for Cargo, Paradrops, SAR and also MAFFS. During Firefighting it carries a huge 30,000L of retardant to douse and extinguish the flame. The Hercules needs our TBM to act as a lead aircraft due to poorer maneuverability caused by its size. Our C130-30 is a new capability with several improvements in the pipeline!

We’re recruiting 2 Herc Drivers, 3 Q400 pilots and 2 TBM-930 pilots.

Nous faisons face !

Noah Itier, 1ES Squadron Commander


Colonel Ben Novick, COTAM04, Conducting an ISR report at an undisclosed field for One European Squadron.

Climbing at redacted airfield after takeoff to conduct aforementioned ISR report.

Join 1ES to help! We’re recruiting!

Major General Noah Itier


Unfortunately had to leave this, but if your looking for a great community fun experience this is the one for you!

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@HercDriver206 breaking into the circuit at Brize Norton after a low level sortie.