IFAE GAF - Global Air Forces | Happy 21.1 IF! [Official Thread]

There is also the minor issue of naval aviation being exactly that; nautical themed. I know Top Gun, along with many thousands of USN personnel are based on land at Naval Air Stations but it is heavily associated with aircraft carriers - which is its niche.

With our recent restructuring to an alliance organisation with 3 dedicated forces positioned around the world, if/when IF LLC introduce aircraft carriers then GAF may have to adjust and evolve as it has already over the last few years.


Hey current IFAEGAF members and IFC members alike,

Today i bring to you an exclusive insiders report of the very first Commanders Summit held with in IFAE’s Global Air Forces with commanders from all three division forces.

here you will find new positions assigned and some insight to where we are and where we look at going in the future.

I hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts about what went on.


Scott Paddon
IFAEGAF’s PR Officer


Great work scott!


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11 Days to go!!

Make sure you are signed up !!!

Link is below

Hope to see you with us in the Infinite skies…


Tonight 29/01/2020

The 92nd Ariel Refueling (AR) Squadron paired up with the 27th Fighter Squadron on the East Coast of the United States for a joint practice sortie practicing some Air to Air Refueling (AAR) and there to capture it for some promotional reporting was IFAEGAF’s probationary Public Relations Officer (PRO) EAF Lt. Gen Scott Paddon.

Above (far to near): Brig. Gen Brian Wilkins in a KC-10, Lt. Gen Scott Paddon in a F-16 and Lt. Col Rocco in a F-16. credit to @Rocco_Palen

If you want to join one of these Squadron’s or like other aircraft but still want to join then make sure you follow the link on the main thread.

See you in the skies

Lt. Gen Scott Paddon
IFAEGAF’s PR Officer


Great job! Get that GAF 💪


No sunlight no problem!

The SACUS B737-BBJ Callsign HOOK27 makes a winter afternoon arrival to (BGTL) Thule Airbase to inspect base improvements and oversee the construction progress of new dormitory’s for the Airman overseeing the mission of providing U.S Space Force with vital missile warning and early launch detection only a few miles from the Arctic Circle.

With formation of the new United States Space Force the SACUS has accepted sustainment support in regards to the 6th Airlift providing critical mission replacement parts to the hardened radar facilities at Thule Air base. The contract is being drawn up as new mission AORS begin to open for GAF VUSAF. More details will be provided as they develop.


i already applied!can’t wait to join GAF team


Who is looking forward to our first IFATC backed event!? We are very excited to host you at our first quarterly event where we aim to give you a taste of what GAF has to offer. If I was you, I would sign up as soon as possible as our parking spaces are extremely limited! Throughout the day, you will see IFAEGAF operations arriving and departing the airbases so why not he a part of that? Sign up to the event below, or to GAF at the top of this thread!


Are custom callsign names permitted within this organisation? For example, I’ve established my own ‘name’ for flying as ‘Aurora’ from another game before. Would I be permitted to use this name if I was to apply?

(I don’t meet the states requirements yet.)

No, you will be given a Squadron callsign and number to use and once your in for a while and or have done something major you may be given a personal nickname but no own choice callsigns are permitted.

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European Air Force Commander Candidates are Welcome to Apply!

IFAEGAF is recruiting for Officer Candidates to fill a number of Command positions. The positions require individuals with a flare for management of personnel who are looking for something a little different than your average civilian VA. Within GAF, our leaders organise & manage deployments, exercises and day to day squadron movements to ensure our equipment is in the right place at the right time. From Air to Air combat specialists to Logistics managements & even providing Close Air Support to troops on the ground, the flavour on offer is vast.

If Squadron Command doesn’t suit your fancy, why not try your hand at commanding a number of them? Group Commanders are responsible for ensuring the squadrons are fulfilling the tactical objectives set to achieve the strategic aim.

Failing that, all applicants will be able to join EAF as pilots becoming experts in a specific aircraft and understanding how to best employ it and its abilities to best effect. This isnt your average flying, we fly across the world to assist in humanitarian disasters, conflicts influenced from the real world or fictional events and day to day movements of troops and cargo. Bored of Heathrow? Have a go at landing a C130 on a tactical airstrip in the alpine mountains of France or fly an A10 low level through the Grand Canyon.

Positions we are accepting applications for (Please annotate this once you are invited into GAF Slack):

• AOC 2 Group (Air Movement & Logistics Support)
• OC 492 Fighter Squadron (A10)
• XO 492FS
• XO 11 Sqn
• XO 47 Sqn (C130J)
• OC 3 Flying Training School (Basic Flying Training)
• XO 3FTS (Chief Instructor)
• 3FTS Instructors
• XO 99 Sqn (C17)

We are accepting applications both internally and externally with those successful being announced next week.

Yours in Service

Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Joint Force Headquarters


Find out what we have been doing to start the decade below:

We have been working hard doing what we do best!!

Lt. Gen Scott Paddon
IFAEGAF’s PR Officer


That’s pretty cool!!

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Yeah, our guys are always doing something!!

I’m our guys… mikey1974 is me, Larson… I know I was in the squad sent to Kuwait!!


Even better, don’t remember if I got to fly with you while visiting your Sqn. Anyways I’m sure I will get to fly with you at some point.



Who can perform the best landing!?

Come over to EG69 (Lundy Island) in a fast jet of your choice and try to stick a landing!

Server Casual
• Fast Jet Only, F14/F16/F18/F22
• Take off from any nearby airport and stick the landing, if you crash? No drama, try as many times as you like!
• Event Timings: 1700-1800Z.
• Career Waived - Aircraft, Location & Qualification!

1st Place: 1 Flight in any aircraft with double flight time!
2nd Place: 1 Flight in any aircraft with x1.5 flight time!
3rd Place: 1 flight in any aircraft!
Prizes redeemed upon a successful application if you’re not already a member of IFAEGAF.



Thanks to everyone that came to the Flash Landing Competition. You all made it so much more than I thought it was going to be and it brought back memories of when GAF was at its peak. I am going to aim to host these randomly but more often, times and days will vary due to my work commitments.

The weather was challenging with a 30° cross wind, the runway was shorter than many of you realised - mainly Pilot Officer “Haribo” Jones who decided he was going to land 50m early 😂 but we have 3 landings that I think are more than deserving of the rewards.

1st Place - @Andrey_Wing with a score of 9.4/10

2nd Place - Lt Col Murdock with a score of 8.2/10

3rd Place - goes to our newest member @AceCorba who scored 8/10

Nice job guys, when you log your flights ensure you write “Competition Reward” in the comments box & do your own maths for Flight Time.

Cheers everyone & here is to the new IFAEGAF ❤