IFAE GAF - Global Air Forces | Happy 21.1 IF! [Official Thread]


IFVARB & Community Approved
Voted Best Virtual Organisation 2018/2019.

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Global Air Forces is the single most unique Virtual Organisation in the history of our community. We simulate a military alliance made up of 3 air forces positioned around the world; vUSAF, EAF & vRAAF which offer you the chance to fly to and from all 7 continents as part of our routine and deployed operations.

Foreword from our Founding Member

The IFAE Global Air Forces remains the strongest virtual military organization within the Infinite Flight Community. Composed of pilots from all over the world, we strive to bring all those who share the same love, passion and dedication for military aviation in Infinite Flight a safe haven and organization to communicate and fly with like minded individuals. We dedicate ourselves to providing real military tactics, training & missions for all military aircraft within the IF environment. Our standards are high but we expect nothingless from ourselves and each other. We fly as professionals and we set the bar when it comes to excellence. We are ambassadors in the skies of Infinite flight. The GAF tag is not something given but something earned, to be a part of this organization you have to rise to the challenges, you have to want to be the best of the best but most of all you have to be wiiling to learn and at times lead. We play hard but we work harder and are sperated only by distance but stand on a united front as comrades; brothers and sisters in arms.

All who seek this and meet our expectations we welcome you with open arms.

@Asneed8706 - Supreme Allied Commander Unites States, Joint Force Headquarters.


IFAEGAF is built upon strong foundations, bringing innovation & development to our evolution. JHQ is a “complete force” concept which incorporates all divisions of GAF to enable the ability for zero gaps in capability. By sharing our knowledge and resources across all 3 forces, GAF continues to develop & improve on itself to remain the No.1 VO, as voted for by you.

JHQ has 4 members;
Our President: @art_martinez
Vice President: @Doug_Hamilton
Supreme Allied Commander United States: @Asneed8706
Supreme Allied Commander Europe: @Mags885

Together these 4 personalities make decisions to effect doctrine, deployments, exercises, events and other higher level planning to host Commanders Summits periodically where the IFAEGAF Supreme Council meet to discuss key deliverables that ultimately change the shape of GAFs forces.

The Supreme Council includes JHQ along with divisional commanders & their deputies listed below.


virtual United States Air Force

Commander: General Clay Aalders
Deputy: Gapped - TBA

Mission Statement: Train and equip Airman to fly in virtual service to the to the United States & allies. To deliver air power domestically and internationally in support of offensive, defensive and air support capacities.

vUSAF Fleet

A-10 Warthog
F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-22 Raptor
C-17 Globemaster
C-130 Hercules
KC-10 Extender
C-40 Clipper

European Air Force

Commander: Marshal European Air Force Ben Wright
Deputy: General Ben Novick

Mission Statement: To provide excellence to its professional aviators by bringing innovation to the forefront of operations & execute independently or as part of a coalition to bring airborne effects to the battle space.

EAF Fleet

A-10 Warthog
F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-22 Raptor
C-17 Globemaster
C-130 Hercules
KC-30 Voyager

virtual Royal Australian Air Force

Commander: Air Chief Marshal Jacob Pervere
Deputy: Group Captain Ash Rand

Mission Statement: To supply operationally ready personnel & aircraft to deliver air power at home and overseas in the face of adversity. Grow our forces to improve mutual support to GAF & enhance our impact on domestic operations.

vRAAF Fleet

F-16 Fighting Falcon
F-18 Super Hornet
C-17 Globemaster
C-130 Hercules
KC-10 Extender


If you like what you see and want to join our ranks, ensure you meet the entry requirements;

• Must be in good standing with IFC and IFVARB.
• Aged 13 and above.
• Grade 3+ for access to Expert server.
• Note you do not have to be a member of IFAE to join GAF.

Apply Now


IFAEGAF has a proud history of events, with future events coming a more regular occasion. If you would like to see GAF representation at your event, please reach out to us via DM where our Public Relations Officer will discuss the details with you.

Previous Headline Events

To join one of our events, please visit the relevant thread to sign up.

Upcoming: Military Madness - a whole day of events & IFATC at our European Airbases.

Military Madness



GAF partners with well established VAs and VOs. We pride ourselves on maintaining partnerships and links to the wider community to bring variation in the usual within other communities. If you are looking to partner your VA or VO with GAF please feel free to message us. Our civil and military affiliates provide GAF with support whether it comes via air transportation or heavy cargo movements; our partners help GAF project air power around the world.

Command Center Website Apply Now Instagram

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Great thread guys!


Great work Mags!
Love it!

Proud to be part of this organisation!


My pleasure bud, here is to a bright start and exciting 2020!


This is great! I am honored to be within the ranks of this VA! EXCELENT group of pilots!


Let’s start the New Year off right!

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Nice Thread! Loving the C-17 banner


The thread looks awesome :)

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We are rolling into 2020 with style! Excellent work Mags. I still am humbled by how much this organization has grown and by the efforts everyone puts into this to make it thrive. It is an honor on my part to be in the presence of such dedication.

May the sun never set on the GAF!




I’m already for RedFlag 2020!


Me too, when are we hosting it this year?

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Looking good Mags, and as the acting Admiral on behalf of USCG I hope GAF has a great year!

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Likewise Declan, congratulations on the temporary role!

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Incredible new thread guys, so honoured and proud to be apart of the vRAAF!


Lovely looking thread Mags.

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Thanks mate 👍

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Expect us to announce it extremely soon!


I cannot help but wonder why there is no Naval Air Forces yet as a main branch.

We’re not a naval forces were based off The Air Force, just like we don’t have any Army Aviation Units since it’s Army and not Air Force

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I now have an idea…