Ifae-gaf centcom ops

Global Air Forces takes over OMAM and OBTH

I am pleased to share these awesome shots captured from IFAE-GAF ops this FNF. We came to play and we played hard. This by far was the largest turnout for our organization. But we cant take all the credit because FNF would have not been possible if it was not for the dedication and airmanship provided by IFATC. Enjoy some of these candid shots taken from our mass formation flight from OMAM to OBTH and be sure to check out our thread for more shots from this one of kind tribute to military aviation.


A View From the Front


Thank you to all our officers who took part in this FNF and this group formation flight. It was an honor to share the skies with you all once again.



looking to join our proud and professional organization? Head over to our thread Globalairforces2020threador contact us on our organizational account @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE

Cheers IFC!


Judging by your pictures, the US is getting ready for the Storm Area 51 Part 2

BTW, Great Pictures!