IFAE “Flight For a Cause” Final Results

Good evening everyone. It was one weekend to remember and special moment for our community this past weekend for those who participated in IFAE’s first ever “Flight for a Cause” event. With the help of over 150 pilots, we helped raise over $900 to donate to the following:

American Cancer Research Association
Canadian Cancer Society
German Cancer Society
Children’s Hospital Oncology

At this time, we would like to highlight some of our community members and sponsors who helped donate and make this all possible with approval from @MishaCamp to post up:

Ethan H
Art Martinez
Matt Ryan
Doug Hamilton
Gary Hamz
Andrew Sneed
Misha Camp
Nick Masterson
Dean Gibson
Andre Solgren
Ben Jwri
Graeme Porter
Erwin Tejano
Karl Izler
Larose Royce
Ryan Grisworld
Lars De Groot
David Beckett

If there’s one thing that I want to conclude with to anyone reading, it’s this:

Regardless of what age you are, where you live, what your nationality is, what your political or religious views might be; there is one thing that we all have in common which is the enjoyment and strength of this flight sim community. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you in person at flight sim expo and can even say confidently that some of you will almost definitely always be my friends even if one day I no longer use IF.

From the IFAE team to the community, I personally thank everyone for making this event a successful one.



That’s great! I wish I could have donate, but I don’t have the option to donate like credit card which I don’t have.

No worries, pilots were not required to donate as it was voluntary. For each pilot that joined the flight, IFAE dropped .25 per pilot and with the help of others, it helped propel us well over our goal.


It was a great flight and was even better to know you were acting like Robin Hood and taking Art’s money and giving it to Cancer Research.


This truly was a wonderful event, especially considering the value that had since been donated to charity… As someone that works for a charity, I can say that $900 is no small amount, especially when it’s being given to so many.

Definitely also brought so many people from the community together, a great way of giving back to other people 🙃

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Huge respect for y’all. Please keep doing events like these if possible.

I was flying KMSP-TJSJ at the time of this and saw y’all from 33000 feet up


It was an absolute honor to control for a fantastic cause! I would do it again in a flash! Thank you so much for making it a memorable IFATC moment for me and my team!

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Let’s also give a big shoutout to @Nate_Schneller- IFAE’s newest member to the upper management team and Media Director for organizing terminal slots and pushing the event thread. And to @Doug_Hamilton IFAE’s COO and my partner in crime in the sky’s of Infinite Flight for covering for me during a hectic work week. It’s teamwork and trust like this that helped to make this possible.


It’s been an honor to be part of a great event and a great cause, and to work myself out of edits to the thread as well 🤷🏻‍♂️. Thanks to all 140+ who attended and thanks to the donators who took the time to boost our help manifold.


So nice to see this resulting from a „Flight sim community“. Very nice

I think this is a great example of what we as an online community can do to impact the world greatly, be it small or little within local communities. We should continue finding ways to do innovating events such as this. Thank you for doing this, and although I wasn’t there, I wish to participate in any events that could very well be life-changing! :)

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