IFAE Cargo Night @ KLAX - 230145ZAUG17

Server: Expert

Region: Socal

Airport: KLAX to kEDW

Time: 0145Z

Join us tonight for our weekly Cargo Night featuring a 777-200F lineup.

KEDW AF base has requested multiple shipments delivered on time this evening in preparation for a defense mission later this week. Let’s deliver on time!

Time: 6:45PST | 01:45 UTC Zulu
Aircraft: Any 777-200F
From to: KLAX - KEDW (long route)
Spacing: Allow 10-13nm between aircraft
Parking: Cargo parking @ LAX
Flight plan: Copy IFAE-ArtMartinez
Cruise altitude: 32,000 ~2500 climb rate
Speed: M.82 (240 below 10k)

Please comment below if you have any questions or if you plan on making it. We will be assigning gates as people comment below.*


When your TL2 and miss out on everything😓😓😓😓


Too bad Im not Grade 3 yet!

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Yeah :((( i need to get the grade 3


We have these every Wednesday. Get your landings and flights hours up and maintain a low violation count. You’ll be in expert server in no time.


You got it! I’ll be aim Expert Server in NO TIME!


Hey ill he able to attend this. Ill be thapere and it sounds really fun.

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Are people that aren’t in IFAE allowed to come? I’m grade 4. If so, I’d love to come!

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yes, for tonight we’re making our event public. Feel free to join and take some time to read the details. Spacing is critical for our events. All we ask is that you give the aircraft behind 10-12 nm of space and watch their ground speed to ensure distance is maintained. Other than that, enjoy and snap some photos! You can take gate 3. @The_Porsche_Kid - You can take gate 2


So far have 6 gates filled. Still have 4 slots remaining before we open another terminal. Gates 6,7,8 and 9 at FedEx terminal are up for grabs on a first come first serve basis


I’ll be there! Count me in for the DHL 757.


It has to be a 777-200F :)

757 is ok if you can’t use the 777-200F - no prob


Thanks, Art! I appreciate it.


I’m sorry to ask, but what time is it western?

6:45 pacific standard time. An hour and 45 minutes from now

I’m in wat gate I’m level 3

Alright sign me up! If there are gates left. I will try to attend but, if I a, eating dinner I will not be there!

Is there going to be any active atc for this event?

Take dhl cargo 2 for tonight

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