IFAB - Infinite Flight Airshow Board

I was thinking of this idea, where we have a group that plans airshows and other events for Infinite Flight! So I came up with idea of the Infinite Flight Airshow Board. Basically it is a comittee that plans events and airshows for IF!

To Join PM me or Comment!
Please Include Your Email in your application!


For More Information PM me

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Dude, don’t bump your topic.

Sorry if it bothered you @B767fan

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You didn’t. Don’t worry.

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When you PM me to join please include XP and Standing

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And also grade.

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This is what the community is for! If they want to plan air shows they can if they want to plan events they can. Not sure if you’ve seen the events category.


Anyway your idea is already happening but it’s not a designated group of people.

I know about that, just wanted to make a group that hold their own events, just couldn’t find a good name for it. @Skylines


B767fan you need to think about what you type, I have no idea but I swear almost every comment i see from you is like you judging someone but using different words to disguise that your judging someone

It’s fine…

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Just PM me.

Me or him?

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“IFAB” is a great name! Cudos!

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Count me in my insta is avgeeks.unite and my kik is elim101 and my email is elimumm04@gmail.com

Id love to join!