IFAA Proposal


Hello, Infinite Flight Community!

As you Probably already know, my name is Charlie, Or BBJMAX to many of you, and I’m here to put forward a proposal to you all!

As Most of you will already know, the idea of an FAA/NTSB Equivalent for Infinite Flight, or rather what has recently been labelled as “sky police” or "Live Guards"has been discussed quite a lot recently, and is becoming rather popular.


Why Me?

Well, As many of you may know, If I Do something, then I do it extremely well! I have created, managed, and continue to maintain the IFEP Crew, alongside the ATC Playground Crew. These are both examples that This is just simply the type of thing I do! I create community’s, I make things work, and I do it well. I can make this work with your backing, and I can make it work well. You can be sure of that.

I wanted to put forward a plan to you-But this being a specific plan, involving specific people, doing certain things, with set goals, rather than just general discussion and/or speculation.

And that proposal is that me and other respected members of the community, form the IFAA!

We would make this group up from scratch, literally from the ground-up!

Of course, lots of others would be recruited in due time, and the board could be subject to change if need be.

But, first, before you make your decison please read below!

What would we do? And how would this benefit you?

-We would sort out the issue of inappropriate callsigns-Harsh Sanctions would be handed out the person/s responsible, and in such a way that makes them unlikely to it again.

-VA’s would be managed in a fair but realistic way, so that they can’t turn this forum, IF Live, Social Media, or anywhere else into a chaotic mess, which is certainly possible, but they could also be given the help and support by that they need to grow and succeed.

-No More “Incident reports” clogging up this forum and IF Pages on Social Media! Accidents would be dealt with by us, fairly and reasonably, behind the scenes. No need for drama or fuss, or annoying and wasting the time of ordinary folk like yourself here for intelligent and reasoned conversation.

-No More “Pilot Vs ATC” disagreements. This again clogs up the forum and IF Related Social Media Pages, and wastes time. Nor Is it nice to see. And it definitely is not good for the health of Infinite Flight in general and as a whole.

-Pilot’s would have a voice that they currently don’t believe they have! Many Users, who are not Advanced Controllers, feel inferior, and don’t quite like the current balance of power. That much has been made clear, especially recently! No-one should be made to feel like that, so we would help that, and make pilots feel more valued, and perhaps give them a bigger and better say on what goes on, provided they are trustworthy and what they suggest is reasonable.

-But, also, Advanced Controllers wouldn’t have to get annoyed as,IFAA would be dealing with these types of thing. So, that way, people constantly making “empty” complaints and nagging us and controllers for their apparent wrong-doing’s, could be dealt with too.

-The ATC Playground. It has potential. And that can be fulfilled. But, at the moment, let’s be honest, it’s a complete and utter mess. That would change. “Sky Police”, or something along those lines, would be introduced, in an organised and efficient manner.

How can this fit-in with and be integrated to IF Live Soundly?

Yes, lots of people may be uncomfortable with this sort of “power shift!”
And we realise because of this, we may find this hard to integrate. But actually that is not the case. The Committee would have people on the board representing all parts of the IF Community, and having a big say on what goes. So no-one is really gaining or losing any power or leverage, just uniting forces, to make a better Infinite Flight For Everyone.

Just Imagine…

Cruising in the Playground, all is calm, everyone is nice, and there is a good atmosphere about it. In the distance you can see a group-VA flight, following their regulations, which is keeping them organised and not affecting others around them, or you as you’re now starting to descend. But there still havkng a great time, and acting extremely realistically. And all this, while you’re controller is actually pretty good and learning something, because he/she is an environment where they actually can. Not an inappropriate callsign in sight.

The possibilities are endless. This could the next big thing for Live. ATC, took realism to the next level, and now IFAA can do the same.

Just give us your support, and we can make Infinite Flight better for everyone.

P.s Please Like aswell as comment you’re feedback, as if this gains traction with the community, (which it kind of already has), then it gains us traction with the developers.

Thankyou for taking your precious time to read this and have a good day!

What are your thoughts?


I’m Agree with This 😀👍👍


I’m up for it! What about the PM thing?


Please get back to my PM as soon as possible. Thanks

P.S: Anyone viewing this please keep in mind that the VA services made in the proposal are already being operated


Let me know if you want help from ATC perspective .
// Flying High. Senior Controller


I’m game. Or rather, I’m Sim.

Though I think it could have been better if we had crashes. I think that pilots disobey because they know they will complete their flights once they start flying.


Yes man yes!!!


Ok Charlie! You’ve resurrected an original idea so run with it! Initially visualized this option as a solution to the cat fight between Pilots & Controllers over questionable service/ghosting. You’ve expanded it to a see all/do all super enforcement agency or “Police” vigilantly group with a Supreme Leader that supplants the role of Moderators and takes decision making function out of the hands of our FDS Masters. Secession, insurrection or anarchy, can’t put a finger on it yet. Noted this idea got a few positive responses. When your young you run to the sound of the guns… Well this ones a pop gun… and a dud! If by some unreasonable flakey reason this idea gets by the FDS filter where will I go to kiss your ring! Max Sends


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It’s a great idea and I want in. Matt said on twitter tho he has plans with IFAA. so maybe talk to him personally ;) (write fds an email)


Your right Nick. FDS has indicated an interest. The problems solution belongs to FDS. All other initiatives are counter productive. Let FDS clean up there own playing field. Patience Pilgrims! Max Sends


If reporting can’t work, then a police force is needed. Only way to more effictively enforce unbendable rules


@dan The IFAA needs to make an official statement about this and labor unions :)


“labor unions” LOL… Next thing you know we’ll all be singing the “Internationale” at this rate… Max


PoPo!!! Max


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Defend your position Charlie, we await your counter with knives drawn! Max


throwing knoves into an argument is like putting a human into a cage filled with starving lions. If you meant butter knives then pls. disregard my reply.